While walking canes and walking sticks are not new to anyone, what is new about it is the material used in producing the shaft and handle. There are lots of quality and precious materials used in production of different kinds of walking sticks or canes. Among the top quality and precious material used in embellishing quality walking canes is acrylic material. In fact, there is no other material that is as flexible as acrylic material both in beautifying and reshaping of walking stick. More so, when incredible strength and aesthetic beauty is needed in a walking cane the best material to be incorporated is acrylic material. Acrylic walking canes is made with fashionable palm grip handle.Indeed, this walking stick is designed for users that suffer from arthritis or related joint problem and needed an object for support while walking. The curved handle of this walking stick is designed to fit perfectly either into left hand or right palm and to have a natural grip on the palm. So, it is important to ensure you get the one designed for your style either right handed or left handed. It is designed with amazing looks through the glass handle that is made entirely of acrylic. For that reason, this walking stick is ideal for any kind of occasion whether formal or casual.

What You Need To Know About the Qualities of Acrylic Walking Canes

The chemical combination of two giant molecules is what forms the acrylic material. A well refined acrylic material shows evidence of glass-like qualities, both in lucidity, transparency, brilliance and translucence. The beautification you can easily notice in most fashionable designer walking sticks are the works of well experienced and professional craftsmen that know the best way to combine these materials to form a compelling and enticing walking stick handle.

The use of acrylic material in its production would not have been possible without the combination of other important elements. The quality of each walking stick designed with precious metal depends on the purity of the metal used. There are some of elements that are used to coat the acrylic walking stick to enhance the characteristics of the acrylic material.

Furthermore, in order to ensure the durability of these walking sticks make with acrylic material, a number of coatings are essential to improve its characteristics. They include scratch resistance, glare reduction, solar reflection and anti-fogging. Obviously, due to the fact that acrylic is a thermoplastic and softens when subjected under very high temperature, the walking stick producers are able to shape it to any kind of shapes and designs. Of truth, there are some important characteristics of acrylic which transform the cane into a caved handle and hold some truly unique properties when compared to certain metals or woods. y. Some of the qualities are;

  • It has superior weathering properties: This is to say that this material can easily be used in any kind of weather without losing it quality. For that reason, the different in weather condition of your place have nothing to do when you want to order this wonderful walking stick.
  • It is incredibly resilient: This is one of the reasons why acrylic material is the best choice in production of thousands of products by oodles of industries. It is due to the ability of this durable material to withstand difference in the weather and other climatic changes. So, you will be sure of getting high quality, designer walking cane when you make acrylic walking cane your choice.
  • It is suitable over a broad temperature range: You can easily use this material in any temperature depending on your need for it. If you need it in liquid form all you just need is to heat it with intense temperature and you will have it melt to suit your production needs. For this reason, you can easily find acrylic walking canes in variety of designs and shapes.

Why Acrylic Walking Canes Are Your Perfect Choice

While some people use acrylic walking cane as necessity object due to their need for support while on the go, most people need this wonderful designer cane just as fashion accessory. However, no matter the reason why you need this designer walking stick, lots of research has proven that acrylic walking canes can be useful in either way. This article will like to look at the aspect of using walking stick as necessity. Irrespective of your age or locality, if you have a mishap that affected your legs, it is either you cannot walk or can only walk with a support.

In situation as such, you need to get yourself a walking stick. Actually, if you have problem on your legs, your ability to walk around will depend on two things either your health or the type of walking stick you choose. More so, depending on the part of your body that has the problem which as your joint or other part of your joint. If your joint is the part that has the issue, you need to select a walking stick that is designed to give your hand perfect grip so as to relax your joints when you want to walk around.

With the help of palm grip handle, those with any walking disability like joint arthritis, which made them unable to walk around with some standard walking sticks, scan easily find succor in acrylic walking cane. Some of the qualities of acrylic walking stick that make it superb for arthritis patients include;

  • Ergonomic palm grip
  • Adjustable sizes which ranges from 32.5" to 36.5" making it easy for any arthritis patient to find this walking cane suitable irrespective of their height.
  • This walking cane can carry about 12.5 to 52 kg weight of the user.
  • The cane weighs approximately 0.9 kg.

What You Need To Know About Arthritis and Acrylic Walking Cane

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joint which can cause someone to have trouble moving around or can result to pain in the body. In most cases arthritis causes pains and swelling in the joint. Since those with arthritis are not always able to move around without support, there is need for them to have a perfectly designed walking stick bespoke to meet their needs. Though, acrylic walking sticks have become more on the lines of fashion for most modish men and women yet, it is designed in such a way that an arthritis patient can easily forget his disability when walking around with it. In that regard, you need to make sure you get well designed acrylic walking stick to make it easy for you to walk around even as arthritis patient.

Short History of Walking Stick as Fashion Accessory

The use of walking sticks as fashion accessory in the fashion world is not a new invention as it has long existed since 17th and 18th century. Walking sticks were used by most European gentlemen as part of their wardrobe. This is because, the walking stick, was able to serve three purposes which are as a sword cane, support and fashion. Walking stick comes in variety of styles and designs which made the particular walking stick you will use to depend on your preference.

In order to ensure the most complements of fashionable wears, most walking sticks are designed with durable and quality materials aluminum, wood and carbon fiber. So, in most cases the cost of each walking stick depends on the material used in the production of the handle and shaft. The appearance of glass made of purely acrylic material is the reason behind the quality, durability, brilliance as well as the transparency of the handle. Of a truth, in some centuries ago, the use of walking stick was a great honor and only people that were licensed where able to use it in England as at then. So, this generation is not the first that started the use of a walking cane.

Although, the value of walking stick as both honor and fashion accessory was lost within 20th century, it has been re introduced in the fashion world as one of the best fashion accessories you need to showcase your fashionable attire. But, the problem is, how comfortable do you feel with a walking stick? For this reason, you need to get a well designed acrylic walking stick, so as to enjoy lots of comfort while strolling around with your walking cane. With the help of acrylic walking stick, you can easily become the cynosure of all eyes when you walk with it to shop or decide to stroll down the street. Indeed, acrylic walking cane can be the stunning partner you need, when you want to showcase your stylishness while on the go.

For all three reasons why you need a walking cane which is fashionable, supportive or personal safeness, acrylic fashion walking canes are perfect for all needs. So, whatever is your reason for using walking cane, you need to remember that it is made of acrylic material is the best choice. But, for you to enjoy all the qualities of acrylic material in your walking stick you need to find out the best way to care for the walking stick.

How to Care For Your Walking Stick Made Of Acrylic Handle

As much as you want to enjoy the perfect and alluring look of your walking stick handle, you need to ensure you protect your walking stick handle from getting in contact with other metal which can cause scratches. Your acrylic made walking stick handle will result to lose of smoothness of your walking stick handle if you are not careful when using your cane.

Also, it is important for you to ensure that you clean the acrylic made handle of your walking stick each time you use your walking stick. This is to avoid fog-like buildup on the acrylic handle which can result in the loss of its brilliance, elegance and glaring-effect of your walking stick handle. You need to make sure you do not add harsh detergent in the water when you want to clean your acrylic made handle of your walking stick. This is to avoid a negative reaction that will cause damage to the handle.

It is important, for you to use warm water when you want to wash your acrylic-made walking cane handle and make sure you wipe the water on it with a dry clean cloth. You will need to effectively dry the water with the natural heat of the sun. More so, you can get effective cleaning result when you brush the handle with a soft brush or even a tooth brush. This is to make sure you maintain the glaring and elegant look of your walking stick at all time.

After cleaning your acrylic handle, you should store it in a perfect place to avoid it coming in contact with another metal object to prevent scratches. More so, you need to avoid storing your acrylic walking stick in a room without enough ventilation. This is to avoid formation of fog on the surface of your walking stick. So, you need to make sure you keep your walking stick where there is enough ventilation to increase the lifespan of your beautiful walking companion.

Honestly, without losing words, an acrylic walking cane is a stylish and contemporary walking stick which is important in both as a fashion accessory and as a walking aid for those with arthritis. The well designed cane handle is very smooth and quite pleasing to the palm. The curved handle shape makes it easy for people with joint inflammation, while their hands won’t slip either forward or backward.