Supportive Bases and Large Tips

A larger cane base or tip can give your cane more stability and support. The SafeTBase, that allows canes that stand alone, to provide a hands free solution when you need to attend to something important such as taking something off a shelf, checking out at a store or any occurrence when you just need use both of your hands. This high grade rubber used in the Fortello tips will not mark your floors. This is really important when walking on white tile floors where a standard cane tip can leave black streaks. Our large cane bases and tips are high quality and are popular with almost any cane user that want more support and convenience.

My Cane Tips are Still in Good Shape. What else do you Have?

If you don't need to replace your cane tips at this time, we recommend browsing our full selection of walking cane, staff and stick accessories. Now, outside of the normal, we do offer a wide variety of specialty walking canes to give you that extra step in standing out in a crowd or provides a unique customization to fit your needs or style. Starting off with our four legged canes, these are perfect if you are recovering from an injury that limits your mobility. Maybe you would like to take a seat after an adventurous walk. Our seat canes are the perfect resting spot that you take with you on the go.

You still want more? Speaking of the weather; there are tips and ice walking canes for that day when there is too much ice on the ground. These canes dig into the ground creating a firm grip that helps prevent falls.

For those of us who are tall in stature and where a normal cane's size just is not compatible, we have a stylish selection of extra long canes to accommodate. Additional, those of us who happen to be in a plus XXL size, we have you covered as well with a premier selection of high quality extra strength canes. Finally, this should give you some ideas of other types of canes we sell. This is still merely the tip of the iceberg from all the products on the site. We encourage you to browse every section to see the full range of canes that are available to you.