Offset Handle Canes

Browse our extensive selection for a new cane with a comfortable, padded offset handle. Offset handle canes are brilliantly designed to distribute the user's weight along the shaft and across the soft rubber tip. Available in your choice of beautiful patterns, styles and designs, or in a sleek and stylish bronze or black look, these offset adjustable walking canes are sure to please. Complete with a soft, padded grip, these canes will last for years to come. Most include a convenient wrist strap, free of charge. If you would like more options, be sure to look through our entire range of adjustable walking canes, quad canes and more. Thank you for shopping with us today!

The offset cane is known as the workhorse of all canes. This is because it is extremely durable, lightweight, and has a comfortable handle. This style of cane is brilliantly designed to distribute the user's weight along the shaft and directly over the rubber tip. Many of our offset handle canes contain a comfort gel grip which adds an extra layer of comfort. This rubber is a similar type of rubber that is used in writing pens and helps prevent the handle from slipping like many other offset canes in the market. This extensive selection is available in a wide range of vibrant beautiful patterns. Many of them feature the HD (High Definition) Pattern Series canes. These HD pattern canes are exclusive to FashionableCanes and are sure to impress. These canes are unlike other canes with patterns on the market because of a three step proprietary process that is done to apply the pattern on the cane. This makes the patterns have more vivid colors and show a higher level of detail. It also makes it more durable and resistant to chipping, fading from regular wear. Most include a convenient wrist strap attached to the handle to allow the user to hang their cane on their wrist when needing to use both hands. Be sure to look through our entire range of adjustable walking canes, convertible quad canes, these quad canes are offset canes that include a quad cane base. When you no longer need the quad cane base you can convert it back to a standard offset handle cane. Purchase a quad cane today and get the sturdiness and stylish appeal you deserve!

Offset-Handle Walking Canes and More Comfortable Designs

If you appreciate these offset handle adjustable canes for their comfort and reliability, be sure to check out our full line of palm-grip canes and our sleek, stylish and reliable aluminum canes. Or, for the most lightweight options, you are sure to appreciate the state-of-the-art carbon-fiber canes. No matter what you are looking for, we have the selection you want at the low prices you deserve. Be sure to contact us if you require any assistance placing your order!

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