Our collection of brass and wooden shoe horns are the perfect gift for anyone that wants to make putting on their shoes a breeze. Sliding your heel into your shoe is not always easy unless you fully unlace your shoes. Sometimes putting on your shoes can be a struggle and a shoe horn will allow you to easily slide your foot into your shoe without as much effort. They truly are the perfect tool to have in your closet. Made with high quality materials and crafted in unique designs to last many years this will become your most useful item in your closet.

What is a Shoe Horn?

A shoe horn is a tool that allows the user to insert their foot inside a shoe with ease. The purpose of the tool is to prevent damage to the top back portion of the shoe. Also, those with arthritis or a weak grip have a difficult time wedging their shoe with their hands. The shoe horn intervenes by allowing the footing to glide almost effortlessly into the shoe.

I Still Need More Information on Your Shoe Horns

Our shoe horns are safe and work on most loafers or boots. In addition, they have a built in back scratcher providing more value as a combo 2-in-1 product. You could say all products listed here are custom shoe horns since they are only made at a small supply per year. They are a heavily sought after luxury product. To recap, most shoe horn in made from only quality woods where the metal crafted for the head of the shoe horn is brass, unless specified. From our expertise, these are probably the best you can find at a rather inexpensive price.

I'm A Collector of Sorts

If you are an avid shoe horn collector, you may want to consider checking out our collectors canes. Polling our customers, we find most will buy a cane along with their shoe horn. Maybe you want to compliment your order with one of our self-defense canes. If you are looking for something special and authentic, the Irish Blackthorn Shillelagh canes and sticks are a heavily sought after collector items. This stems from their rarity and authentic craftsmanship.

Maybe you need to quench your thirst more than others. We offer a fine selection of walking canes with a flask. Some of these canes cane even hold a cigar! Next, Comoy's of London canes stopped production of all of their cane products. We have the remaining collection which will be going up in value as time passes.

Finally, our canes of animals feature a wide variety of house-hold pets and exotic animals that would indeed match well with any animal shoe horns.