How to Make Your Cane Winter Ready

It's beginning to look a lot like the holiday season. Temperatures are dropping, heaters are coming on, decorations are sparkling, and you're getting ready to bake up a storm. But in between all the fun and festivities of the season, it's extremely important to focus on your safety. If you walk with a cane, it's especially vital to make sure that it's ready for the season. No matter what type you use-a folding cane, an adjustable cane, or merely a decorative cane for fashion purposes-you'll need to take a few moments to prepare it for safer use when the weather cools down.

What's the best way to transform your basic cane into a winter-ready walking cane that sees you through the season in a safe style? It's easy if you know where to start. Take a good, close look at that cane. Really inspect it from top to bottom. Does the handle feel good when it's gripped? Is it starting to feel worn and scratchy? Now examine the bottom. Does the tip appear worn? Is it uneven when it's placed on the ground? These are all critical points that need to be addressed before anyone even thinks of taking that cane outside on a day when winter rears its ugly head!

That's especially important because many rely on their canes to provide balance when it's tough to maneuver on a sidewalk or road. Be entirely sure that the cane is the appropriate height for you. Now is a good time to conduct a little experiment to determine whether you're using the right size. Flip it upside down and hold it up against your body while one side touches the floor. The end should reach your wrist in an ideal fitting situation.

It's also a good time to understand exactly how to use your cool walking cane for men or women if you aren't entirely sure. Maybe you're a recent cane convert or you simply don't use yours much. Maybe your doctor has recommended that you use it more often, or maybe you're recovering from a procedure that put you out of commission for a few weeks. Whatever the case, it's critical to understand precisely how to use your walking cane if you want to make the most of the accessory during the winter months. Your doctor can assist you with basic instructions, but you can also consult with a pharmacist, a staffer at a medical supply store, or a physical or occupational therapist for more information about handling your cane successfully during wintertime.

If you do happen to grab a cane this season, bear in mind that it should be protected at all costs. Just as you pop gloves on your hands and boots on your feet, so too should you add a retractable ice pick to the end of your cane. This is an affordable and effortless way to make it easier to use a cane during winter. The beauty of the retractable design is that it can easily flip back once you walk inside. Just bear in mind that those same retractable picks can be very slippery on any surface once you come inside, so take care to flip it back up once you arrive.

Another point to consider is your overall comfort while walking with that cool cane for men or women. How does it feel in your hands? Even if it's not freezing outside, you might find that wearing a pair of gloves makes it easier to get a firm grip on the cane so that you can more easily maneuver it when you're walking. This is of particular importance in areas where inclement weather is prevalent. Ideally, you won't put yourself in the position of walking around on a treacherous surface when you have a cane in your hand-or at any point! But in the event that you're walking outside and using your cane, a pair of gloves will make it much easier to hold.

And what if the end is looking a little bit worn? It's time to replace the tip with a sturdy end that provides enough traction and support to make each move simple. Replacement tips are readily available for just a few dollars and are sold in a variety of sizes. They're even available for different types of canes-whether you have an adjustable walking cane for men or a highly functional quad cane, you can find a secure replacement tip for the cane that will instantly improve its quality and your safety.