Ice Walking Canes and Winter Weather Gear

It's never too late to find what you need to be prepared for winter. Along with the cold temperature come snow, ice and other slick, slippery conditions which can be hazardous for anyone facing the elements. Get ready for these events with this selection of winter weather gear. Make walking across the ice safer with one of our folding ice canes, now featuring retractable, stainless steel cleats that make it easy to transition from icy conditions to indoors. The effortless manipulation of this mechanism is not the only benefit; these canes also offer the convenience of a folding aluminum cane, with its lightweight and portable qualities. Or, check out our other options like removable snow and ice shoes that simply slip on to your footwear for an easy way to traverse poor walking surfaces. No matter what you use, make sure you are safe this winter!

Winter Weather Equipment

Your doctor will tell you, a fall onto a hard, concrete area or a simple slip up the stairs to your house can have serious ramifications to your health. Keep steady footing with our wide range of ice safety gear, and then make sure you look through our other walking cane accessories for more options like handy wrist straps and more.

In Iced Conditions or Any Other Time, Your Safety is Important

Walking on ice with our ice cleats for shoes is just one way to keep you safe on a slippery surface, but there are other ways you can prevent falling accidents. If you are planning to walk some trails in unknown terrain, we advise you to pick out a hiking staff to aid in your stability. Having an accident where it would be very difficult to receive immediate help could have been prevented.

Next, we have four-pronged canes that assist in walking when your balance is greatly off. These types of walking canes are ideal for those who may have had hip surgery or are going through some form of rehabilitation that impairs mobility. To further add, you may be an above average size and require a XXL plus size cane.

We also have larger tips for your cane or crutch that provide greater support than our standard rubber cane tips. If your grip isn't what it used to be, we have robust selection of wrist straps for your cane. We invite your to take a look at all accessories for canes to see what options that are available to you. At, we take pride in providing the best selection and service for our customers, at competitively low prices. has been operating for over two decades, and we have helped customers with all sorts of mobility issues and conditions that require canes, walking sticks and other mobility aids. Ice safety is one of the areas where we are sure that everyone can use our products, making these great ideas for gifts for outdoorsmen, people who live in colder climes or even that person whose gift is always hard to find. We'd like to thank you for shopping with us today, and if you have any questions about our ice safety gear or any of our other fine products, please do not hesitate to contact us today!