The ladybug has long been thought to bring tidings of good fortune and luck to all who behold it. The lightweight carbon fiber shafts of these canes are each topped with an adorable red and black ladybug encrusted with gleaming rhinestones. The shafts are available in a multitude of fun shades including ivory, pink, raspberry red, sage green, violet, purple, sky blue, and black. The unique carbon fiber material of these shafts is exceptionally lightweight and extremely sturdy. With one of these unique ladybugs for company, you're sure to have lady luck on your side!

The love story behind these breathtaking canes is as cute as the ladybugs atop each handle. The first of this exquisite line of ladybug canes was designed by a loving husband for his wife who worked as a motivational speaker. When her need for a cane grew to the point where she needed to carry one on stage with her, he decided to make a grand romantic gesture. One day, he surprised his wife on stage with a unique ladybug cane that he designed specifically for her. The ladybug has long been thought to be a symbol of good luck and anyone blessed to experience a love story such as theirs certainly has no shortage of good fortune.