Combining fashion, function and quality, these designer fancy canes with fashion patterns make a real fashion statement. Many of these are the vivid eye-catching HD (High Definition) pattern series canes that also have the matching patterns on the handle. Many of these canes are the HD (High Definition) Pattern Series canes. These HD pattern handle canes are exclusive to FashionableCanes and are sure to impress. These canes are unlike other canes with patterns on the market because of a three step proprietary process that is done to apply the pattern on the cane. This makes the patterns have more vivid colors and show a higher level of detail. It also makes it more durable and resistant to chipping, fading from regular wear. The pattern canes that have matching patterns on the handles are very impressive to see in person because of the quality of the pattern and also because it continues all the way from the handle to the bottom of the shaft. Because these canes cost less than a normal pair of shoes many of our customers collect multiple pattern canes to match their outfits for different occasions and outings. Purchase yours today and show off your fashionable style to match all of your attire!

This selection of patterned aluminum walking canes is one-of-a-kind. Crafted using high-grade aluminum, these pieces are as durable and lightweight as any cane on the market, but with their lovely patterns that reach all the way over the comfortable handles, our High-Definition collection truly separates itself from the pack. The complete look of a patterned handle makes these canes even more appealing when matched with an outfit, and the special, three-step application process ensures that the vivid, colorful and vibrant patterns have a superiorly high level of detail. Unlike most aluminum canes with patterns, these pieces feature a special, transparent coat which seals the pattern into the cane, making it resistant to chipping, fading and regular wear. With popular, trendy designs made to fit with the latest in apparel as well as classic looks that feature distinguished appeal, these canes are perfect for a night on the town, or even for an every-day stroll. Purchase yours today and show off your updated style!

Aluminum Canes with Patterns That Won't Fade

The long-lasting beauty of these canes is sure to appeal to men and women of all ages. With a conversation piece like this, you are sure to attract the attention of your friends; so choose the vibrant pattern which best matches your style. For even more options, be sure to look through all of our aluminum canes, or if you are looking for a wider selection of women's canes, feel free to browse around for more options like our fashionable women's floral canes. No matter what you are looking for, you're sure to find a walking cane you will love at Thanks for shopping with us today!

  • These canes have high definition patterns on the handles which are very unique. It gives them more of a streamlined appearance. It makes them look better when matching a cane pattern to an outfit.
  • These canes are considered HD because unlike most patterns applied to aluminum canes a unique 3 step process is used to apply the pattern. This process makes the patterns more vivid and detailed which gives it a high definition look.
  • The patterns on these canes are unique and unlike other pattern aluminum canes on the market. They are designed to match new fashion trend apparel.
  • Unlike other aluminum canes on the market the canes include a clear transparent coating to help prevent scratching and fading.