Saint Brigid's Cross Pin

The Saint Brigid's Cross Pin has been discontinued or is no longer available. Our Fashionable canes experts have selected the items below as alternative items. You can also explore other items in the Made in Ireland to find the item you are looking for.


Saint Brigid was born during the mid-fifth century and is remembered for her charity and kindness. Among Ireland's Saints, she is considered second to only St. Patrick. The use of this symbol began due to her zeal in explaining the Passion of Christ to a dying pagan chieftain (some stories say the chieftain was her father). She forged a cross from some straw on the floor. Her zeal converted the pagan and he asked to be baptized. Now, Irish everywhere place this symbol over their doors or windows to protect their homes from harm. You too can have this Irish symbol of protection and goodwill by ordering today.

  • Celebrate with this classic Irish Symbol
  • Easily Pinned to any Outfit
  • Made in Ireland

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Saint Brigid's Cross Pin