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Natures Wildlife Pack Intricate Handcarved Bone Handle Collector Cane w/Custom Shaft and Collar


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This Natures Wildlife Pack Bundle Bone Handle walking cane is sure to make an impression wherever you take it. The beautiful handle has been methodically carved by artisans with skills passed down from generation to generation. The hand carving allows for eve...

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The Tip size on this cane is 16 mm. This canes comes with a tip installed.

Product Information

This Natures Wildlife Pack Bundle Bone Handle walking cane is sure to make an impression wherever you take it. The beautiful handle has been methodically carved by artisans with skills passed down from generation to generation. The hand carving allows for every minute detail to be accentuated. Definitely a must have cane for all collectors of rare canes.

The handle is accentuated by the shiny ring collar of your choice; which connects the gorgeous handle to a custom shaft of your choice. Your custom shaft choices are: black painted beechwood, brown painted beechwood, white painted beechwood, Ash, Ovangkol, Wenge or Ebony, and to finalize your custom cane choose one of the following collars: Aluminum silver, gold, black, blue, pink, red, brown or purple, Brass Silver and Brass 18K Gold. Add this walking cane to your collection today!

NOTE: Cane must be handled with care due to finely carved details. This cane can be damaged easier than most canes if dropped on the ground. We encourage everyone using this item to use a wrist strap as this damage is not covered under warranty.

Please check item upon arrival for any shipping damage. This item is intended for collectors although it does have a strong shaft and heat tempered metal pin the handle is not meant for daily use.

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Technical Specs

  • SKU: 247018a*bkbeech*ag
  • Rubber Tip Installed: 16mm
  • Max User Weight: 180 Pounds
  • Max User Height: 6'4" Approx.
  • Max Size: 38.5 Inches
  • The Tip size on this cane is 16mm. This cane comes with a tip installed. If you need additional tips please go Here.

Please Note: This Cane is designed for users that weigh up to 180lbs. and up to 6'4"in Height. Weight Restrictions Info

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Cane Sizing Information

For the most accurate cane length measurement, choose 1 of the 3 options below:

Find Your Proper Cane Height and Length for Better Stability

  • (Canes cut from their original size will incur a 30% restocking fee if returned)

How to Determine Cane Size When Buying a Cane

There are several ways to determine what your cane length should be--even if the user is not available to measure. Choose 1 of these 3 easy methods of cane sizing before placing your order.

Diagram A

1. How to Determine Cane Size When Buying a Cane

Simply take an existing cane, and measure from the lowest part of the top of the handle to the bottom of the tip. Round up to the nearest half inch. (see Diagram A)

2. Measure the Cane User

  1. Have the user put on their walking shoes.
  2. User should stand naturally upright as much as possible.
  3. Let their arms fall to the sides naturally with a normal relaxed bend at the elbow. (see Diagram A for correct posture)
  4. Using a tape measure or yard stick, measure the distance from their wrist joint (bottom crease at the wrist) down to the floor. Round up to the nearest half inch.

(**For accurate length a second person must read measurement to prevent wrist from moving)

3. Measure Half the Height of the User

If the user is not available or does not have an existing cane, use this method.

Although this works for most cane users it is not always exact. Choose this option at your own risk, and remember a 30% restocking fee applies to all returned cut canes.

Most users cane measurements will be within one inch of half the users height.

  1. Convert height into inches: Example user height is 5'6" which is 66 inches. 66 divided in half = 33 inches (always round up to the nearest half inch).
  2. Add half an inch to this measurement to get 33.5 inches.
  3. After receiving product use step #2 to confirm and change size if needed.

The estimated cane length would be 33.5 inches for the above example.

Measure Height of User


Sizing is a free courtesy. In most cases, sized canes will ship the same day. Although we strive to cut the cane to the exact requested measurement, cane handle shapes and cane shaft variations will make the cut length vary up to 1/4” in length from requested size. Please keep in mind that most canes can be cut easily at home. Please contact customer service to be sure your cane is able to be custom sized or for more instructions. Please always check the item upon delivery to confirm the requested size. Canes can always be shortened but may not be lengthened. Please note* There are some walking canes that come to us with custom tips that are built into the cane. If these cane's are sized (cut), we cannot replace the original cane tip and will use our standard black rubber cane tip.

Cane Sizing Information

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  • 6 Month Limited Warranty

    6 Month Limited Warranty*

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