Creme Pearlz Designer Adjustable Cane

The Tip size on this cane is 16mm.

SKU: 80563

Elegant craftsmanship of a durable yet lightweight adjustable cane with a creamy white marbled derby-style handle uniquely designed to imitate real marble yet is very lightweight and not top heavy. The handle is joined to an artistic aluminum shaft with a painted classic paisley styled finish and is very sturdy with a wide durable tip.

The handle is created using a molded layered effect of acrylic materials in various colors that are overlapped and folded within the other forming the handle, which is polished to a smooth glossy finish to create the unique marbled design.

The colorful and sturdy aluminum shaft is classically detailed complimenting the marble styled handle and is joined with an attractive metal collar for extra durability creating a lovely cane that correlates well with a variety of styles from casual to formal.
  • Comes installed with a complimentary high-quality 16mm rubber tip
  • Beautiful Marble inspired handle
  • Light weight adjustable aluminum shaft

The Fashionable Difference

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Technical Specs

  • SKU 80563
  • Max User Weight 180 Pounds
  • Adjustable Size adj. from 29" - 38"
  • Min User Height 4'6" Approx.
  • Max User Height 6'3" Approx.
  • Tip Size 16mm
  • The Tip size on this cane is 16mm. This cane comes with a tip installed. If you need additional tips please go Here.

Please Note: This Cane is designed for users that weigh up to 180lbs. and up to 6'3"in Height. More info
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Creme Pearlz Designer Adjustable Cane