5 of the Biggest Misconceptions About Walking With a Cane

If you’re having trouble walking, then the chances are that you have considered using a cane at some point. However, many potential cane users avoid using them because of rumors and myths that they hear.

These myths are typically false and dangerous if they prevent someone from using something that could help them. Here are five of the biggest misconceptions about walking with a cane.

Walking With a Cane Hurts Your Joints

Those with joint pain or arthritis often believe that walking will further damage their joints. In addition, since using a cane requires a different walking posture, many people avoid them because they think this will lead to more injuries down the road.

Walking is a fantastic way to get cardio exercise, and it also improves the flexibility and strength of your joints, which soothes any pain someone might feel. Canes allow you to walk at your own speed, and any sort of physical activity will heal you more effectively than resting.

Canes Don’t Provide Support For Everyone

Many people feel that canes are not made for their individual preferences—such as their height, weight, or which hand they prefer to hold the cane with. For example, someone who is too tall might feel like they won’t find a cane that matches their height.

However, that is not the case. Canes come in many shapes and sizes, often with various handle types and support capabilities. There are also many adjustable canes on the market.

Canes Are Too Expensive

People who’d benefit from using walking canes might stay away from them if they think the price range will be out of their budget. However, there are canes available at numerous different price points.

Even someone with a relatively small budget could afford a cheap cane. Gaining the ability to walk with support is well worth the small price.

People Treat You Differently If You Walk With A Cane

Oftentimes, people don’t want to walk with a cane because they worry about how people will perceive them. This is false. No one will treat you differently—in fact, their respect might even grow. Taking the proper steps to regain mobility will make you appear more independent and capable of handling life’s challenges.

You Can Only Walk With A Cane On Smooth, Flat Surfaces

Using a cane isn’t just for the sidewalk. There are countless varieties of canes available that can be used for hiking, walking on rough gravel, or traveling through a busy city.

Overall, there are as many types of canes available as there are rumors about them. Now that you know five of the biggest misconceptions about walking with a cane, nothing is holding you back from walking with one!