Able Tripod Base

Any cane user can attest to how annoying it is having to constantly pick up your cane when it falls or having to find a place to hang it where it won't fall. The able tripod base is the perfect solution to this annoyance. The TriPod base is a triangular-shaped rubber tip that is approx. 4.25" across. This base can be added to most canes and is easily removed. The base will hold your cane upright with no assistance. A self-standing cane gives you the freedom to do simple tasks like washing your hands, signing a check or washing dishes without having to balance a cane in the process. If your cane does manage to get knocked over you can simply step on the tip to pull the cane back into the upright position. The perfect solution for those who are unsteady on their feet and have difficulty or pain when bending down.

Aside from keeping your cane upright, the Able TriPod base is also a great accessory for added stability. The widened base offers the user a bit more balance without having to resort to a quad cane which can be much bulkier. now offers a selection of canes priced with a TriPod included. Click Here to view canes that come with a TriPod or Click Here to purchase a TriPod separately. Available in 4 sizes to fit most canes.