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As your loved one gets older, not only does it get harder to choose outfits for them, but the outfits become harder to put on as well! They feel like there’s less and less for them to wear, but they shouldn’t fret. Entering their golden years might lead to the best fashion decisions of their life with the right approach.

The secret to maintaining a keen fashion sense as you age is to utilize outfit accessories to their fullest potential. With that in mind, here are some of the best fashion accessories for your aging loved one.

Wearing a Hat Makes Being Fashionable a Breeze

In addition to being protective from the sun and cold weather elements, hats are a fantastic accessory for fashion-conscious seniors. Most seniors remember when wearing a hat showed character and class. Some hats are iconic and never go out of style. Take for instance hats made by Stetson, Stetson hat company has been making hats since 1865 and have made quite a reputation for themselves. Some popular dress fedoras for men that are timeless are the Frederick and the Chatham .

.Stetson Frederick WoolStetson Chatham Wool Felt Hat

Get Off on the Right Foot With Comfortable Shoes

Aging can lead to pain in your feet, which is why shoes are such an essential component of your wardrobe. Luckily, picking out shoes is as practical as it is fashionable. The latest trend is to avoid uncomfortable shoes in favor of pairs that provide style and comfort.

Keeping it simple with slip-on shoes is ideal for preventing hard-to-reach distractions such as laces and Velcro. For men, formal wear calls for single or double-monk straps on your feet, but otherwise, anyone can enjoy platform sneakers, boat shoes, or even Chelsea boots for footwear that looks as good as it feels. If getting shoes on and off it difficult task at times a shoe horn is perfect gadget that will make this a breeze.

Shoe Horn

Stylish and Cozy Socks are a fun accessory

Decorating your feet is the easiest way to make someone feel not only stylish but fun and cozy all in one. We love these Irish Wool Socks.

Cool socks for grandma or grandpa


Canes Help You Get To Where You Need To Be, and Look Good Doing It

When dressing your aging loved one, start by creating a basic wardrobe that they can work with each day. All you need are a few high-quality items to serve as the backbone of their outfit, and then they can make their own decisions.

Staying active becomes more difficult when people get older, but canes help seniors remain independent and mobile. They also work exceptionally well as a fashion accessory, and walking canes are a worthy addition to your loved one’s daily outfit.

Overall, your loved one should have the final say on what they want to wear, but their choices should have a purpose. Practical yet stylish items are the best fashion accessories for your aging loved one, so talk with them and see what tools will help them in life.

Cane for grandpa Cane for grandma