Aluminum Walking Canes

Aluminum walking canes have been a favorite for years. Lightweight, durable and inexpensive, aluminum is one of the most prolifically used materials in walking cane construction. At, we have a wide selection of aluminum walking canes, and we've been working on categorizing them in an easy-to-navigate format that allows our customers to find the model that is right for them with ease.

Folding Aluminum Canes

Of all of the metal walking canes, aluminum is perhaps the most abundant because it is easy to manipulate into a variety of designs. The most popular of these is the aluminum folding cane. Compact and lightweight, these designs allow the user to keep a walking cane handy whenever it is needed. Many of our customers report keeping them under a car seat, or even in a briefcase in case one is needed at the office. Whether as a primary piece or a backup cane, these models are a great choice.

The Pretty Purple Folding Adjustable Cane is a great choice for fashionistas on the go.

Designer Aluminum Canes

With a comfortable derby handle matched to a beautiful, designer aluminum shaft, these designer aluminum walking canes offer style in combination with all of the features that our customers enjoy. Whether you need a professional-looking model or you would like to spice up your outfit with a lovely floral design, our designer aluminum canes are for you.

The Mosaic Stained Window Adjustable Designer Derby Cane's aluminum shaft is covered with a stunning stainedglass effect pattern.

Palm Grip Aluminum Canes

When the ergonomic-grip handles common to some of our wooden canes became so popular, we designed special molds for forming acrylic and special polymer blends into these comfortable handle designs. Once this technology was widely available, we knew our customers would love being able to attach the easy-grip handle to a designer shaft, so we created our palm-grip handle aluminum canes. Specially designed for either the right or left hand, the palm grip handle is a favorite of arthritis sufferers, and of collectors who simply enjoy the unique and scientific, state-of-the-art design.

The Black Palm Grip Adjustable Walking Cane's unique handle shape makes for a comfortable walking cane experience.

Aluminum Offset-Handle Canes

A staple of drugstores and mega-marts for years, the offset handle is actually a very convenient model. With the shaft bent in a way that distributes the weight of the user from the handle all the way down to the tip, and with the comfortable foam-grip handle, there's no wonder these canes have been so popular for so long. Now, we've released a new line of offset aluminum canes that offer the same convenience, but feature the signature style and beautiful look of a truly fashionable cane.