Bamboo Walking Canes - Fashionable Canes

This genuine Bamboo Walking Cane is a replica of the cane used by Charlie Chaplin

As a sustainable material, bamboo is raising in popularity for building all sorts of consumable goods, furthermore, it is being seen more and more often as a lumber of choice for a variety of building materials in homes, places of businesses and more. It grows quickly, reseeds after harvesting, can be shaped into most any design while still alive, is wonderfully hard when dried, and has a lovely, deep brown color when left in its natural state. It even accepts stains well, since it is a porous lumber that soaks up moisture. Its natural properties make it an often used wood in hardwood floors, decorative supports and even as roofing tiles in places where the climate will not be too overly rough on it.

The walking cane industry has been employing bamboo since men and women first realized the benefits of a walking stick. When harvested from a relatively young plant, it is practically the perfect width, and proper treatment allows it to be bent and crafted into the perfect shape for a walking cane handle. As it absorbs moisture so readily, it is a wonderful material to use in warm, we climates, and its rigidity and stiffness when dried makes it perfect for use in winter months when the air is particularly dry.

It naturally dries to a beautiful wood tone, but it can also be treated to accept beautiful stains. The distinctive shape and contours of bamboo make it distinguishable, and a favorite of cane collectors, while the near-ancient tradition make it a staple in every day use. No matter which way you look at it, there is practically nothing bad to be said about a bamboo cane! offers a variety of bamboo canes. From beautiful walking canes that feature the look of bamboo to the real thing, we have something to suit any collector or cane user. We even have a distinctive, one-of-a-kind green bamboo cane, specially treated right after it is harvested in order to maintain its natural, green hue. Visit us today and take a look for yourself. If you have any suggestions to further expand our selection of bamboo walking canes, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message on our Facebook page!