The Benefits of a Derby Handle Cane

A handle may not seem like an important part of the cane, as it’s just where you put your hand to hold it and support yourself. But there are many different styles of canes and handles that massively impact canes’ functions. Additionally, a cane’s handle is highly visible, making it perfect for decorations and fancy designs. One example of this is the derby handle, and it’s easy to understand once you see the benefits of a derby handle cane. This is why the derby handle cane is one of the most popular fancy walking sticks in Australia.

What Is a Derby Handle Cane?

The derby handle cane is similar to most other cane styles and only changes the top of the cane. The big difference is that the handle isn’t straight but instead forms a curved hook. It usually runs perpendicular to the rest of the cane, and the shape helps the carrier in several ways.

Normal Benefits

The derby handle cane possesses the same functionality as a normal cane. It gives extra support to you as you walk and brings a stylish flair to your outfit. Another benefit of the cane is that it makes it easy to push objects out of the way or defend yourself in case of an emergency.

Unique Benefits

The benefits of the derby handle cane extend to more than just what an average cane can provide. The hook in the handle is for added convenience; you can place the hook around your arm, freeing up your hands when you aren’t using the cane for walking. It also allows you to hook the cane on a table so that it takes up less room and is in reach at all times.

Finally, the derby handle cane is a very fancy style of walking cane. Plenty of people know and see this cane as high-class and stylish. Consequently, it’s definitely something you should consider when thinking about which cane you might want for yourself.