Carbon Fiber - The Latest in Lightweight Cane Fashion Technology

What do canes and high-performance race cars have in common? Carbon fiber. This super-strong, yet super-light material has become the building material of the future. Used in race cars, construction and even airplanes, this material seems to have no bounds. This amazing material has also been used to create some of our fashionable canes.

Tinny threads of carbon are woven together and combined with a plastic resin that can be molded into a rigid item such as a cane. Thomas Edison was actually one of the first people to use a version of carbon fiber. He baked cotton threads or bamboo slivers at high temperatures to carbonize them and then used them to create the filament that was used in one of the first incandescent light bulbs. From there, scientists have continued to work with this product to develop it into the miraculous material that we have today.

Amazingly strong and extremely lightweight, our carbon fiber canes are as eye-catching as they are beneficial. With over 50 different designs to choose from, you will be sure to find one of these remarkable canes that will fit your style. From our ever-popular Dr. House Flame cane to our unique color changing metallics, these striking canes will quickly become a favorite in your collection. Carbon fiber is also both lighter and stronger than titanium. As of today, the lightest a high-quality cane weight must be made from carbon fiber. Order yours today and experience the difference!