Comoy's of London - Fashionable Canes

Comoy's of London

In recent weeks, Fashionable Walking Canes and Sticks, owners of, have been lucky enough to purchase one of the last remaining stores of canes that were produced by the famous gentlemen's company Comoy's of London.

Since 1825 Comoy's of London was well known for offering some of the most unique, high-quality walking canes in the world. As a staple of their catalog for over a century, cane collectors were very disappointed in 1999 to hear the announcement that Comoy's would no longer be offering their exquisite brand of walking canes and sticks.

Recently, was able to find the last remaining known bulk selection of collectible walking canes. Fashionable Walking Canes and Sticks is proud to now offer this selection to its loyal customer base at surprisingly low prices.

“It's really exciting for a lot of our customers,” said Natalia, from the marketing department at Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks. “Many of our frequent shoppers have large collections of canes, and the feedback we are getting on these unique items is just outstanding. Since there is such a limited supply, many of these canes will raise in value [...] it is sure to be a hot item among the real cane collectors out there. ”

Given the collectible nature of these items, and the unique, fashionable look of each design, these designs are sure to go fast. To see the wealth of interesting Comoy's of London designs available at Fashionable, please visit the link below.