Ebony Wood Walking Canes - Fashionable Canes

This beautiful piece features a lightly stained ebony handle with deep, dark grains.

No matter how abundantly this black wood is used, there is not actually a single source of ebony wood, no tree easily identifiable as the “ebony” species. Instead, this lovely, luxurious wood is found in a wide variety of lumber sources, mainly from the genus Diospyros which includes the species we know as the persimmon tree, often found in the southern Americas, as well as the more rare ceylon ebony tree from south-eastern Asia.

Well known for its deep, black color and dark, mysterious sheen when polished correctly, ebony has been in use for thousands of years. We use it in the construction of walking

This piece has a black ebony shaft with an intricate silver handle. canes because so many of our users and collectors have selected this as the look they usually prefer. Deep, black and beautiful, ebony canes offer a unique look that cannot be attained by staining another wood to match.

Strong, and with preservative qualities that help it maintain its shape under severe amounts of stress, ebony is a wonderful wood for use in a walking cane. Combine it with a wide assortment of handle styles to create an ebony walking cane that you are sure to love. Whether you choose a silver handled ebony cane or a plain and simple wooden handle, you will love having a walking cane that allows you to prepare for both formal and casual affairs. Don't let your collection go without this popular addition; order one for yourself today!