Fashionable Canes on Glee! - Fashionable Canes

We've always been proud to see our walking canes appearing in the media, whether the Fox hit House MD, a photo shoot with Paris Hilton or the appearance of one of our pieces in a music video.

So of course we were absolutely thrilled to see yet another of our finest pieces on the Tuesday, September 28 2010 episode of the hit musical TV show Glee.

With a beautiful scrollwork pattern, this chrome-plated, fritz-style handle was a prop used in the musical television show's throwback to Britney Spears' hit video “Me Against the Music.”

A fitting prop to the costumes used in the piece, this is one of our newer designs, and is a favorite for a complement to distinguished apparel. Of course, with its appearance on television, it is quickly becoming a favorite for collectors as well.

The original song by Britney Spears features Madonna as her counterpart, and in this video the ivory-clad Madonna is also seen with a walking cane. Hers is also a classic fritz-style handle, although the rich maroon shaft differs from the model on last Tuesday's television appearance.