Fashionable Canes vs. CVS Canes

Why Choose Fashionable Canes over CVS and other Pharmacies?

Have you ever observed other people's walking canes while out and about? If so, it's likely that you were struck by the startling lack of diversity in the designs of the vast majority of canes and walking sticks. When it comes time for most people to use a cane, a large number of people will feel uncertain as to where to buy walking canes that will best suit their needs. Countless cane users purchase generic sticks simply because they are unaware that there is a more fashionable option. While CVS canes and off-brand medical walking sticks may be functional, Fashionable Canes offers unmatched customer service, more diverse styles with accessibility options, more varied designs, and more options for personalization.

Premier Customer Service

Our friendly customer service team is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate shopping experience. Our experienced representatives have been thoroughly trained and instilled with the most relevant knowledge about our products in order to provide you with the most accurate information regarding walking cane sizing and accessories. Whether you need assistance with placing an order or simply have a question, any of our devoted professionals will be happy to walk you through your entire experience with Fashionable Canes. With the assistance of our dream team, it's never been easier to buy a cane!

Our team members are available to assist you via phone, email, or online chat. This way, you can have easy access to a helpful customer experience team member through whichever method of communication is most convenient for you. Unlike at CVS or other pharmacies, our representatives are specifically trained with the most relevant information regarding walking canes and are able to make recommendations about what length, style, and design may be best for you!

Order by Phone

Here at Fashionable Canes, we understand that not everyone is as tech-savvy as our talented representatives. If you don't have access to the internet, or simply wish to bypass the online order process, you are more than welcome to contact our team to place your order over the phone! Your representative will be more than happy to take the time to assess your needs, answer any questions you may have, and accept payment for your desired items.


Have a question about a specific item? Even if you'd prefer not to call, email, or chat with us, you can always post a question on any item page! Our customer experience team checks our Q&A section regularly to provide you with detailed responses tailored specifically for you. This level of personalized interaction is unheard of in the walking cane industry and we aim to provide you with the most expedient answers to your important questions each and every day. If you'd like to learn more about asking questions through our website, please click here!

Individualized Customer Relations

Our customer experience team is small but powerful. A smaller pool of representatives means more familiar voices waiting to greet you! Having been in business since 1999, it's no wonder our small team has developed many close relationships with our customers through the years. We believe that every communication is a chance to lay the foundation for a solid and lasting relationship. Our returning customers often to ask for their favorite representative by name to continue to experience the comfortable and courteous experience that makes Fashionable Canes so unique. We believe in offering the best and most personal service each and every time, so please contact us to join our family today!

Accessible Options

Here at Fashionable Canes, we understand that you may need a cane for any number of reasons and that your needs are likely to be unique from other shoppers. If you are new to walking with canes for support, it is important to know what canes are the best for specific purposes. For this reason, we have a number of handle styles available for users who may have special requirements when it comes to their cane or walking stick. Styles our custom-like palm grip, ergonomic, and fritz style handles are exceptionally well-suited for users looking for a supremely comfortable experience and cannot be found in most stores.

Palm Grip Handles

These masterfully crafted palm grip walking canes provide a custom-like fit that can be ordered specifically contoured to fit the right or left hand. This allows users to grip the handle with minimal effort as the hand will slide effortlessly over the fitted handle. Palm grip handles are a unique and eye-catching style that will solicit questions and compliments from curious passersby who have never seen such a well-crafted walking cane!

Ergonomic Handles

Like palm grip handles, our ergonomic styles are specifically profiled to fit either the right or left hand. With their sleek engineering and comfortable fit, it's no wonder that the ergonomic handle is a common recommendation of doctors and others in the medical field. The ergonomic style was designed with sufferers of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis in mind as the unique handle style is one of the least strenuous on hands and fingers.

Fritz Handles

The Fritz style handle is the best of both worlds. If you're looking for a walking cane with a traditional handle style that can also provide maximum comfort and ease-of-use, the Fritz handle is for you! The curvature of this tasteful style makes for easy gripping and less strain on the fingers, making this style a favorite among users with arthritis and similar conditions. These Fritz handles are here to empower you to refuse to compromise comfort or class.

Savvy Styles

Have you seen the limited selection of walking canes available in stores and felt concerned that they might hinder your personal style and creative expression? Never fear! Fashionable Canes believes that every cane should be a unique statement piece. These enthralling designs will complement any style from business to bohemian and are sure to become a staple of your everyday and formal attire.

Clear Canes with See-Through Lucite

These breathtaking clear lucite walking canes are the clear winner in modern style and sophistication. Our beautiful selection of lucite canes come in a number of charming handle styles including the tourist crook handle with a twisted shaft as well as several ornate knob handle styles. Avoid carrying a drab walking cane and let your personality shine through with a see-through cane!

Fashion Patterns

Our vibrant fashion patterned walking canes are the perfect solution when you need a product that is every bit as fashionable as it is functional. Fashionable Canes offers a plethora of striking patterns and colors that you won't find anywhere else. Grab one of these delightful designs to ensure that your cane will be your chicest accessory!

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is the most lightweight material available for cane-making. This unique material weighs even less than aluminum, the most common cane material which tends to be the primary selection available in pharmacy locations. These carbon fiber walking sticks are available in a variety of sophisticated designs including mesh and floral patterns. Carbon fiber is one of the hottest materials on the market, so be sure to grab one of these sleek designs while they last!


The biggest perk that we have to offer is our ability to provide unique items with customizations just for you! We know that it's the little things that count, so we're here to provide you with the most possible options for personalization. After all, what are walking canes used for it not as an extension of yourself?

Custom Walking Canes

walking canes with custom shafts can be special ordered with elegant and exotic woods. These custom canes are made to order and will put the control in your hands to assemble the perfect walking cane for yourself. Custom shafts are available with many different handles ranging from chrome and brass styles to unique animal designs. When you can't settle for a standard walking cane, these custom shafts are the pe

personalized engraving plaques in a pharmacy! We offer a number of personalized monogram cane styles so that your cane will be distinctly your own. Custom engraved canes also make great gifts as they can be inscribed with heart-warming personal messages. Be sure to order an engraving plaque with your cane to add a personal touch.

Awesome Accessories

If you find that the selection of canes at your local pharmacy is rather limited, it's more than likely that the accessories available there are next to non-existent. Here at Fashionable Canes, we provide our customers with a quality selection of accessories including wrist straps, colored tips, and walking cane holders. Don't cheat yourself out of these exciting extras by shopping at a location that does not specialize in walking canes and accessories.

Experience the Fashionable Difference!

Your reason for using a cane and what you need from your walking stick is unique to you. This is why at Fashionable Canes, we strive to provide our customers with an unmatched selection of accessible, stylish, and individualized walking canes. We understand that a cane is a deeply personal item and we are here to provide you with an item that will blend seamlessly with your own life and style. Be sure to bypass middle-of-the-road medical canes and experience the Fashionable difference today!