How To Set Up a Charity Walk

Raising money for charity is always a worthy goal to have. One of the more common fundraising events is a charity walk. This is an event where volunteers walk a long route to raise awareness for a cause. At the same time, people donate to the cause before and during the walk. Running a charity walk is a bit more complex than it might sound. Here is how to set up a charity walk.

Find a Path

The first task you will need to accomplish is to find a place and route for the walk. Finding a location is not the biggest challenge. You just need to find a large location that can accommodate a relatively large number of people. Places like parks or track fields are common locations for charity walks. The length of the walk is something you will also have to decide; one to five-mile walks are the most common lengths.

Get the Permits

Once you have chosen a location, you will need to get the necessary permits to run a charity walk. The laws for a charity walk will change depending on your location. Every city has different laws on how you need to run a charity walk. Keep that in mind as you plan the event.

Get Participants

Your main task is to find volunteers who will help you organize and perform the walk. First, you will need people to actually walk the route, and the more people you can find, the better. You will also need to get people to help you collect donations and chaperone the event.

Publicize the Event

At the same time, you should start publicizing the event to attract as much attention as you can. Print flyers and post them in public places. Consider running an ad in a local paper or having people post on social media about the event. Simply put, you want to spread the word as much as possible. You can even attempt to get sponsorships for the event. It is not uncommon for sponsors to gift items as door prizes, such as an authentic Irish blackthorn walking stick, to promote the charity and themselves.

Run the Walk

Once you have done all the other steps, it is time for the big event. You need to make sure you are providing all the right supplies and forms for the walk. Bring lots of water for everyone and bring a way to collect any donations that come in.

Now that you know how to set up a charity walk, you should be able to run a successful fundraiser for any charitable cause you want.