How to Use a Shoehorn

Why use a shoehorn and how are they used? Keep reading to learn how shoehorns can be a lifesaver for those with mobility impairments!

You may be wondering why a company like Fashionable Canes would also specialize in an accessory like shoehorns. As it turns out, these little devices are a nifty addition to any mobility impaired person's morning routine. A shoehorn is a device intended to assist with putting on and removing shoes. They are particularly well-suited to fine shoes made from materials such as leather as the shoehorn will help to prevent any damage that may happen to the heel when taking off or putting on the shoe. Shoehorns offer a better and smarter way to put on your shoes! Today, we'll cover the basics of shoehorns, including a little background history, why you should use a shoehorn, and how to use a shoehorn!

Shoehorn History

The shoehorn is certainly a unique and quirky little device. It's no wonder many people wonder where they came from and who invented the shoehorn. In truth, the shoehorn was invented too long ago to provide a definitive answer to this question. Shoehorns are thought to have been invented at the end of the Middle Ages or near the beginning of the Renaissance period in history. Since then, shoehorns have been utilized by homemakers, royals, and everyone in between!

Why Should You Use a Shoehorn?

If you're wondering who should use a shoehorn or if that person might be you, we're here to tell you that shoehorns are great for everyone! A shoehorn can add an extra layer of convenience to anyone's morning routine by making putting on your shoes a breeze! Here at Fashionable Canes, we are particularly focused on items that will help to improve the mobility of our customers, and shoehorns are no exception. Shoehorns are exceptionally well-suited to those who have trouble stooping or bending to put on their shoes. The length of a standard shoehorn provides enough reach to significantly reduce the effort you will have to put into bending down to put on your shoes, making this a must-have accessory for most walking cane-users or anyone who faces mobility challenges!

How to Use a Shoehorn

Using a shoehorn is simple and easy! To make use of a shoehorn, simply insert the tongue of the shoehorn along the back heel of your shoe to hold it open. Once you have done so, simply slide your foot in while firmly supporting the heel of the shoe with the shoehorn. This should enable your foot to slide effortlessly into the shoe with no fuss and no hassle. The ease of access provided be a shoehorn can seriously simplify the task of putting on shoes for those who may find the act of stopping and holding the shoe open with their hands to be challenging. If you still have questions about using a shoehorn, please check out our quick demonstration video below!

The Best Shoehorns to Buy

If you're looking into where to buy a shoehorn, look no further than Fashionable Canes! Check out some of our personal favorites from our own inventory below!

Eagle Head Brass Shoehorn Ash Wood

Shoehorns with animal heads are trending right now and we're here to meet the demand! This elegant eagle head shoehorn comes with a sleek brass handle that contrasts beautifully with the rich tone of the ash wood shaft. This shoehorn is perfect for anyone looking for an accessory with a stylish edge!

Blue Ash Shoehorn with Back Scratcher

This Blue Ash Shoehorn with a Back Scratcher has an extra layer of functionality! Doubling as both a shoehorn and a back scratcher, this item is great for those who enjoy accessories with a dual function. The beautiful blue ash wood shaft pairs exquisitely with the brass shoehorn and backscratcher. Save space and get this beautiful all-in-one shoehorn and back scratcher today!

EZ-Standing Shoehorn

The EZ Standing Shoehorn is the best shoehorn for disabled persons or anyone with mobility issues! This shoehorn has an extended palm grip that enables users to utilize the shoehorn with minimal strain. With the EZ Standing Shoehorn, you won't need to bend nearly as much to put your shoes on! Simplify your morning routine with this fantastic standing shoehorn today!

Buy a Shoehorn!

Here at Fashionable Canes, our dedication to providing our customers with life-enhancing products has led us on a search for only the best walking canes and accessories. We certainly feel that a shoehorn is a worthwhile addition to anyone's life. We stock the best and highest quality shoehorns for the elderly or anyone else who may need an extra bit of assistance with getting their shoes on. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of leisure and enhanced mobility while getting dressed and buy a shoehorn today!