J.J. Watt's Fashionable Cane

Sports injuries are nothing but surprising and are devastating for the person suffering, sometimes resulting in them being out for the season. Take for example Sports Illustrated's 2017 Sportsperson of the Year, Houston Texan J.J. Watt: he suffered from a tibial plateau fracture, and instead of tearing his ligament he broke a bone! This resulted in him missing the entire 2017 NFL season.

It is vital for Watt to make a full recovery and get back to playing for the NFL. When a sports injury affects your leg or knees your doctor will probably recommend that you use a walking cane. You will need to physically be mobile and get around, so be like J.J. Watt; he proudly supports himself around town with his cool Lion Head Walking Cane. His walking cane allows him to take the pressure off his injured leg and knee, which allows him to resumes his daily activities safely. "I couldn't walk around with, like, a walker" J.J. explains. So he's making walking with a Fashionable Cane his next move.

If you too find yourself faced with an injury that requires you to use a cane, why not be like J.J. Watt and make a Fashionable choice?