3 Ways to Remove a Rubber Tip From a Cane

Are you having trouble removing your cane tip? Tips are held on with supertight suction that can seem stubborn. Keep reading to learn a few tricks for removing cane tips!

Although the rubber tip on your cane may require you to replace it at some point, that's not the only reason you might decide to switch it out. Due to the many styles and colors of canes that are available, you might prefer to remove the original rubber tip on your cane and replace it with one of a different color to add a fashionable flair to your cane or to make your cane more pleasing to your eye. Note that changing the color of your cane's rubber tip might take a bit of work, but it's not an impossible task. Whether the tip requires changing or you simply want a new look for your cane, here are the different ways you can remove a rubber tip from a cane.

1. Twist and Pull

The rubber tip is designed to fit securely on the bottom of your cane so it will not come loose when you are using it, but it is able to be removed with a little effort. The tip is not attached with any adhesive, so you won't need any special tools or chemicals to remove it. The first thing to try is to turn the cane upside down and grasp the rubber tip firmly. Twist the tip while pulling to remove it from the walking cane. You might have to work with it for a few minutes. It's possible, however, that the tip might not come loose at this point. If not, try another method.

2. Loosen the Suction on the Cane

The next way to remove the rubber tip from your cane is to insert a bobby pin down between the cane and the rubber tip to help release the suction. In case you don't have a bobby pin, you can try using some other type of implement as long as it isn't too thick and doesn't have sharp edges that might damage the rubber. Try inserting and removing the pin or other tool in several spots between the cane and the sides of the tip to release the suction. Once you have attempted to release the tip, grasp the rubber tip firmly and pull while twisting to remove it. If you are still not successful in removing the tip from the cane, you can try the next method.

3. Apply Heat

One more way to remove a rubber tip from a cane involves using heat. The easiest way to apply heat to the rubber tip is to use a hairdryer. This method might work best after breaking the suction with a bobby pin. You also might want to wear a pair of gloves for this step to avoid having to touch the heated rubber tip. Direct the heated air from the hairdryer where the rubber tip and cane meet. The heated air could help soften the rubber and allow it to more easily come loose from the cane. After heating the area all around where the tip meets the cane, try inserting the bobby pin. Then, grasp the tip with your gloved hand and pull and twist the tip until it comes loose.

Additional Options

If you are unable to remove the tip by using the three methods described, you might want to consider asking a friend or a neighbor for their assistance in removing the tip. Again, removing the rubber tip can sometimes prove difficult, but rest assured that it is not impossible to do.

Replacing the Tip After Removal

When you have removed the rubber tip, you'll need to replace it with a new tip. Simply push the open end of the new tip up and over the bottom of the cane until it seems to be in place. It might take a bit of work to push the tip in place, but that is only because it needs to fit snugly on the end of the cane. Then, turn the cane over and tap the end of your cane on a hard surface to make sure the tip stays in place.