Selma Blair Rocked a Cane on the Red Carpet

Actress Selma Blair used a Cane at the Oscars for Support and it Helped Make Her Red Carpet Appearance a Stylish & Meaningful Oscar Highlight!

Selma Blair didn't let her recent MS diagnosis prevent her from walking the red carpet at the 2019 Oscars. She arrived at the event looking even more stunning in her pink, green, blue and black dress carrying a custom made cane for support and confidence.

The cane, which was accented with stitched leather and a pink diamond, as well as a custom monogram, was made for a Vanity Fair Dinner. Blair carried it to give her support as her struggle with Multiple Sclerosis has reportedly taken its toll.

What Type of Cane Did Selma Blair Use

The cane she used at the Oscars added a sophisticated edge to the actresses' look. It was a classic, wooden derby handle cane in black to match her dress. It proved to be the perfect accent for her gown and for the night, which was a very emotional one for the young actress.

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Blair, 46, gained fame after starring in the movie Brown's Requiem in 1998, followed by Cruel Intentions in 1999, along with other comedies and the blockbuster Hellboy films which vaulted her to celebrity status. If you liked the look of Selma's cane and are interested in similar items, this black leather derby handled cane is one elegant option. Blair's cane had stitched in leather as an accent and it makes for a nice touch. The Royal Black Derby handle cane is another great choice, it's stylish and very elegant. It also comes in extra long. The black carbon fiber derby cane is lighter and easier to carry.

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This Black Leather Derby Walking Cane has intricate stitch-work along the handle to create a delicately-crafted look.

Blair's Cane Offered Support and Style

Selma Blair's cane truly enabled her to catapult her look to the heights of fashion. The classic, wooden derby handle cane proved to be the perfect accent for her gown and for the night, which was a very emotional one for the young actress. Selma Blair is an excellent example of how a true fashionista can easily rock any accessory, including, and especially, a well-crafted walking cane.

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