Top 5 Canes to Give as Gifts for Older Dads this Father's Day

These canes make the best gift ideas for older dads on this special day!

Father's day is a time for everyone to celebrate dad... that guy who's always been there to lend a hand, give guidance and make you feel better whenever you were down. Basically, your dad was and still is there to lend support. If you have an older dad, gifts like canes can really make a difference in his life-just like he made a difference in yours.

This father's day, why not give your older dad a gift that lends the same support he offered you. It's a sign of appreciation and respect that he will really love and admire.

We put together a list of our top canes to give as gifts to older dads on Father's Day. These are the coolest, nicest and most respectable canes we have. A gift any older dad will really admire and enjoy.

1. Chrome Plated Derby Walking Cane With Ebony Shaft and Rose Pewter Collar

This chrome cane is an excellent gift for an older dad that enjoys high style and classy things. A gift for dads that loves to dress up and put on a fancy suit, this cane pairs perfectly with leisure suits and designer tuxedos.

It features a shiny chrome-plated derby handle and a dark ebony natural wood stained shaft. As a decoration, it has a pewter rose collar that adds another level of detail.

Order this cane for your dad today and he'll appreciate your taste and thoughtfulness. Also available with engraving.

2. Triple Wound Carbon Fiber Black Derby Walking Cane w/Collar

This unique, lightweight cane is perfect for dads who like performance or just prefer a lighter cane to help them around. Carbon fiber canes are truly becoming one of the more popular options around today. Fairly new, they are much lighter and stronger than wood canes. They also feature a definitive, stylistic look that's progressive and forward-thinking. It's a great gift for an older dad that likes high tech things and appreciates performance over style. Order one today.

3. Extra Long, Super Strong Silver Plated Scrollwork Derby Walking Cane with Purpleheart Wood Shaft

Here's a great gift for the Big and Tall dads out there. If your dad is an XXL man (or extra tall and large), this big and tall cane is a superb choice. Stylistic, with a decorative silver handle complete with scrollwork that is detailed and unique and a long, strong purpleheart wood shaft, it makes the perfect gift for big and tall dads.

If he's a large man he probably has the heart to match. So, show him you care with this unique and beautiful cane. Order this cane today.

4. Colors Don't Run Chrome Plated Eagle Head Walking Cane With Inlaid Wenge Wood Shaft - Silver Collar

Here's the perfect gift for older military dads this father's day. The colors don't run in this wenge wood cane! Made with decorative, dark wenge wood, which has a very authentic character, it features a chrome-plated eagle head that represents our country's great flag.

A symbol of strength and dedication to the armed forces, this cane captures the spirit and character of military veterans, a gift your dad will honor and cherish. Order this cane right here.

5. Authentic Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick

This is the perfect gift for Irish dad's on father's day. An authentic blackthorn walking stick, just like the ones used back in the day when it was commonplace to be challenged to a fight. Irishmen used to carry these for self-defense, skirting the laws at the time which did not allow them to carry them. If your dad loves Irish lore or is interested in Irish folk art, then he would be really impressed when you present him with this gift on Father's day. Made with real blackthorn-a very hardwood used for Irish walking sticks and shillelaghs, it's an authentic classic and a collectible. Order yours here.