Benefits of a Walking Cane for Back Pain

Is back pain hindering you from living your life to the fullest?

Back pain is one of the top health reasons for work absences and disability claims. With millions of Americans suffering from issues that involve the lower back, the financial impact continues to rise. Prescription drugs and chiropractic sessions are two popular treatment methods, but they can be costly or cause unwanted side effects. Walking with a cane is a simple, alternative way to ease back pain that doesn't require a doctor's visit.

Why Do I Need a Walking Stick?

Knowing when to use a cane is important. Staying active can help you recover from many types of back pain. This is because most back pain isn't due to serious illnesses or injuries such as cancer or a bone fracture. By staying active, you can increase mobility and reduce stiffness. With the proper use of a cane, you can move more freely without putting excess weight or pressure on your back.

How Walking Outperforms Other Treatment Methods

Walking daily can help with back pain because it is a low-impact form of exercise. Those who walk regularly can increase muscle strength while maintaining bone density. This is much less stressful than constantly worrying about further injuring your back. A regular walking routine that involves using a cane for lower back pain is often the best medicine. Walking might even eliminate the need for medications, shoe inserts, and braces in those who have struggled with chronic pain.

Stand Up for Better Back Health

One of the top reasons to use a cane is simply to avoid sitting for long periods. Office jobs and other occupations that require constant sitting often cause muscle loss. Without regular use, both muscles and skin can lose their firmness. Sitting down also decreases blood flow throughout the body, which can cause added joint and muscle stiffness. To avoid these effects, try standing more often even if you cannot walk very far.

Walking Canes for Any Age Group

The idea of a cane being associated with old age is outdated. Today, people of all ages use a cane or walking stick for additional support and balance. Whether you recently had back surgery or simply pulled a muscle, a cane is a perfect tool for mobility and healing.

Obesity is another good reason to use a cane with back pain. Extra weight can lead to additional pressure on the spine and joints. A walking stick not only lessens some of the stress of added pounds, but it also keeps you moving to increase your metabolism.

Learn How to Use a Cane Correctly

Proper form is everything when it comes to using a walking stick for back pain. While the correct technique is not difficult, getting it wrong may cause an accident or keep injuries from healing. See more on how to use a cane.

The proper way to walk with a cane is to always have the cane on the stronger or uninjured side, so maximum support is given to the area that needs it most. This makes more sense when you consider the connection between the arms and legs while walking. As the left leg moves ahead, the right arm tends to swing slightly forward. By grasping the cane in your right hand, it makes it easier for the injured left leg to move naturally.

Double Walking Sticks Promote Better Posture

In some instances, walking with two canes is your best bet. No matter what the back pain cause, moving around in a straight, upright position is the goal. Some cane users tend to slouch or walk hunched over while staring at the ground, which isn't helpful to muscles and can make existing pain worse.

If you are guilty of this habit, try using double canes on your next walk or hike. You just might find the added support motivates you to keep going. Additionally, a pair of canes will keep the back muscles from working so hard to maintain balance and possibly reduce the pain and stiffness in those muscles.

Ease Your Back Pain Today!

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