Who Should Use a Quad Cane and Why

What's all the fuss about quad canes, you ask? You've come to the right place to find out about one of the most popular walking cane styles!

You're probably familiar with standard walking canes, which are used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Quad canes, on the other hand, differ dramatically from those cool walking canes for men and women. These structured devices are designed to aid those with limited mobility so that they can walk with ease.

The difference between quad and standard canes for men and women is largely in the design. Quad canes start off in a similar silhouette, with a sleek, straight body. The bottom, however, has a metal base with four "feet" attached. To prevent accidents and to provide greater traction, the feet are covered with rubber caps. The standard quad cane is made with aluminum, a lightweight material that is easy to carry and maneuver. These canes are typically easy to adjust with the push of a button.

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What are Quad Canes Used for?

Quad canes are used for a variety of reasons. Many patients who are recovering from major surgery and who require rehabilitation and physical therapy may rely on a quad cane during the first few months after the procedure. It affords them the freedom to move around while preventing any unnecessary pressure on painful areas of the body.

Many times, patients are subjected to bed rest for extended periods of time. Going for long stretches without walking may lead to atrophied muscles. Underuse can very quickly weaken the existing muscles, but with regular therapy and movement, patients may experience progress. In the meantime, it's advisable to use a quad cane for reliable support and to relearn how to balance their bodies while they establish their gait again.

When is a Quad Cane Useful?

The quad cane's reliability even comes in handy when the user is sitting down. Unlike those savvy, super cool walking canes for men and women that add a dash of fashionable style to a wardrobe, the quad cane is quite clearly the ultimate functional accessory. Thanks to the padded feet on the bottom, the quad cane can actually stand upright on its own. When you're seated, you can rest easily knowing that it's right there for you to grab when you're ready to stand again. Just remember that it's not a stable device on its own you'll need to stand up first, and then grip your quad cane firmly for support.

Best of all, the quad cane can be used quite easily on a staircase. This is extremely helpful to patients who require some assistance during their therapy sessions. Using a quad cane while ascending and descending the stairs is a surprisingly useful way to regain balance and establish a sense of orientation during a period of post-surgical recovery.

What Type of Quad Cane is Best?

There are a couple of types of quad canes available. Sure, it's not the fashionable walking cane for women that you envision twirling down the red carpet, but it adds its own sense of style and charm. You can select from a variety of canes with wide-based canes, which are a bit heavy but provide excellent support. These are ideal for people who are a bit nervous about getting back on their feet. Meanwhile, the narrow-based models feature a more slender bottom. They are not as supportive as their wider counterparts, but are less heavy and may be suitable for individuals who don't have the strength to wield a heavy cane.

Which Quad Cane is Right for You?

If you're uncertain about the best quad cane for your needs, it's helpful to seek the advice of your surgeon or physical therapist. In most cases, it's a matter of your unique needs, your recovery prognosis, your therapy load, and your own personal goals. If you're hoping to regain your freedom and enjoy walking with limited assistance, a quad cane could be the perfect mobility tool for you. Even if you're interested in investing in a custom walking cane for men or women, you might give some serious thought to purchasing a quad cane instead. It will meet all of your functional needs and it won't let you down in those moments where your legs feel a bit shaky and you need a little assistance in the balance department.

Ready to experience unmatched balance and stability? Buy a quad cane today!