Cane Holders

If you use a cane you will find out that there are many situations where you need to put your cane down like when eating out at a restaurant or checking out at the grocery store. These highly convenient cane holders will allow you to store your cane on a desk, table or counter. They safely hold your cane while you rest, work or play so its always right where you need it! Why set your cane down against a chair only to have it fall over and possibly chip or get damaged? Let us help you keep your cane looking brand new and ready to use at any moment such as when your finished making a meal or snack.. A table or desk cane holder can be attached to almost any flat surface. If you are looking for an alternative place to store multiple canes make sure to check out our selection of walking cane stands.

Looking for a Cane Accessory other than a Cane Holder?

Not only great for transporting your cane, but for those who prefer to hang their canes for display for all to see should try one of our walking cane bags. Maybe you are in the market for some replacement cane tips , since the effects of time have worn out your current rubber cane tips. You could even upgrade to one of our premium supportive cane bases known as the SafetBase Self Standing Cane Base

Ok, you are on your way to prevent your cane from slipping off tables, but what about out of your hand? Our leather cane wrist straps are the perfect cane accessory for such a problem. Don't worry. Not only is your cane important, but your safety is at the top of the list, period. The winter season or frankly any day that has heavy ice conditions jeopardizes your safety every time you walk out the door with your cane. We have cane ice tips available that attach to the bottom of most walking canes.

Next, have a personalized message added to your cane with our customizable engraved cane plaques. Provide that extra spark of uniqueness to your cane for yourself or as a gift. These are just some examples of cane parts we sell to ensure you have everything you need to enhance or to repair your cane.