These canes are embellished with designer pewter collars and high quality wooden shafts. Each enwrapped collar has been designed only by the finest jewelry artists. The quality expectations from any walking cane manufactured by Royal Canes can only be classified as superior vs. the rest.

Take a Peak at Some of These Recommended Walking

We understand pewter isn't for everyone; therefore, you may be anti-metal with your soft-tempered taste for a clothing fashion accessory. Have a look at our modern collection of wooden canes including various styles of wooden derby handled canes, wooden tourist handled canes and canes for arthritis. Only top quality woods are chosen for superb craftsmanship to ensure your cane will last for many years into the future.

Now, you may be more into the all so common and trusty aluminum canes. Most customers enjoy the lightweight attribute of these canes, as they do not become much of a burden during use. Alternatively, if you prefer a more luxurious cane, our selection of Alpaca silver canes can set you apart from the rest with all the unique styles available. As another option, chrome and brass canes may be the perfect complement to your eagerly awaiting hand.