Best Holiday Walking Cane Gifts for Women 2019

Looking for the perfect holiday present for a special woman in your life? Give her the gift of mobility and balance with a Fashionable Cane!

In this season that reminds us to give wholeheartedly to those we love, it's especially important to make the right gift choices for the special women in our lives. In the modern age when shopping has become heavily digitalized, it can be challenging to find a gift that a woman would not have simply purchased for herself already. That being said, many women (and some men) may be leery of using a cane due to vanity or fear of how they will look with it. Here at Fashionable Canes, we have an excellent array of beautiful designer walking canes that are sure to be a hit this holiday season!

Creme Pearlz Designer Walking Cane

This Creme Pearlz Designer Walking Cane is an excellent choice for an elegant and glamorous lady. The glittering rhinestone collar really pops beneath the creamy pearlized-style handle. The pattern's rich mocha tones contrast brilliantly with the light handle to create a truly unique piece befitting any fashionista. There is also a Folding Creme Pearlz Cane available for maximum portability and convenience during the tumultuous travels of the holidays. This rhinestone collar walking cane is also adjustable to ensure an easy fit for a wide range of users, making this an ideal gift this holiday season!

Flight of the Hummingbird Designer Derby Adjustable Cane

These beautiful birds in flight are sure to raise anyone's spirits this holiday! The Flight of the Hummingbird pattern is highly sought-after due to its whimsically sophisticated charm. The black background is beset with colorful birds and flowers. The brass collar adds a bit of shine and flare that brings the look together. This cane also happens to be adjustable which will take most of the guesswork out of selecting a cane as a gift for someone else. If the derby style doesn't appeal, be sure to check out offset and quad canes with the same striking hummingbird design!

Golden Sienna Derby Walking Cane with Black Beechwood Shaft

The Golden Sienna Derby Walking Cane comes with an exquisitely designed acrylic handle featuring beige, amber, and black tones. This neutral item will pair well with anything, including the dark rich tones that take the forefront of the fashion scene in winter. This cane has a sturdy beechwood shaft that will need to be ordered to a custom size for most users. This is an ideal gift for a woman that you know well and can make an accurate estimation of her height and cane length.

Royal Black Derby Walking Cane

Sometimes it can be best to stick to stylish simplicity when it comes to giving a walking cane as a gift. This Royal Black Derby Walking Cane is a fantastic choice for a woman whose style changes on the fly. The classic black tone and shiny silver collar will pair well with styles ranging from zany to reserved. Be sure to note your gift recipient's height as this will help you to estimate their accurate cane length for this wooden shaft.

Crystal Ridges Tourist Walking Cane with Clear Lucite Shaft

This breathtaking lucite tourist walking cane will make you the clear winner of gift-giving this holiday season. The Crystal Ridges Tourist Walking Cane has a marvelously designed twisted shaft that pairs well with the transparent lucite material. Due to its ability to be seen right through, lucite makes for the most versatile option when it comes to matching a cane to someone's personal style. Be sure to keep in mind that lucite is not adjustable and must be cut to a custom length depending on the user's needs. Clear walking canes are a perfect holiday gift for women as the elegant design is sure to be a hit with mothers, daughters, and sisters alike!

Personalize Your Gift

Here at Fashionable Canes, we understand that the best way to make a gift special is to add a personal touch. For this reason, custom engravings are available for almost any of our walking canes! These engravings can be ordered in a variety of shapes and styles of text. Warm up someone's holiday season with a lovely personal engraving with a heartfelt message!

Update: All canes can be custom engraved.

Give the Gift of Style and Stability!

What woman wouldn't want to feel classy and confident? A gorgeous walking cane is a perfect gift for any lady who wants to walk with confidence and look great doing it! Here at Fashionable Canes, we have an extensive inventory of some of the best walking canes for women on the market! Give her self-confidence an instant boost when you give the gift of a Fashionable Cane this holiday season!