Best Stand Up Cane Tips and Bases

If you use a cane you have certainly heard about the 4-pronged stand-up cane bases and tips. They make life easier because these stand-alone canes stay upright when you let it go. That gives you more freedom and convenience. They also offer more stability, making your cane safer and improving performance.

But if you are like most people, you are really interested in finding the best stand up cane bases and avoid the cheap imitations at those big megastores. You know they might be a few bucks cheaper upfront, but they're just not worth it in the end.

Well, here's a simple list of the very best standing cane bases. They have handy 4-prong tips that allow them to stand upright at all times-and some very good reasons to buy higher quality bases at a trusted retailer.


SafeTBase Stand Up Cane Tip

This stand-alone cane tip is a revolution in design. The SafeTBase cane base has 4-prongs, each with an independent foot or tip for the most stability and control. This gives you a little extra grip and prevents the cane from falling over more so than the tri-pod design. So, if you are more concerned about stability, this is definitely the way to go.

The stand-up base is also flexible so it stays in contact with the ground giving you that added stability you need.

The really remarkable feature with this stand-alone cane is that it's non-marking! That's right it won't mark up floors, which is a real lifesaver especially if you have wood or hard floors in your home. It can save you from having to clean up rubber marks. Even if you just don't want to be marking up a friend's floor, this non-marking cane tip is the way to go!


Able Tripod Cane Bases

The Able stand up cane base is one of the best because it has a revolutionary design. It is a triangular (tri-pod) shape which makes it more stable but also light and easy to maneuver. The base is rubber so it is flexible and will flex with you as you walk providing more stable support.

The tri-pod base frees your hands by keeping your cane upright when you set it down. It's a really handy device to have when shopping because you can free up your hand for a moment to grab an item without having to lean your cane against something and risk it falling to the ground.

These cane tips attach to any cane so you can turn your existing cane into a stand-alone cane in just a few minutes. They are also inexpensive and last a long time. Order one online right here.

Since your cane is something you'll use every day, don't settle for a cheaper option that might not last as long. They don't always perform as well. If it breaks, you could be left without a cane when you really need one.

Higher quality canes with the Able Tripod base are available online to buy right here at competitive prices.