Stay Home in Style with the EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Walking Cane - Fashionable Canes

With so many people spending time at home, we thought this was a great time to feature one of our most essential products for using around the house. Spending time at home will undoubtedly mean spending more time sitting down for most people. Prolonged periods of sitting can take a toll on the body and make it more difficult to get back up and get moving again. For this reason, we carry a very special product called the EZ Get-Up-From-Seat Cane. This revolutionary device that is actually strong enough to help most users stand up from a seated position, making it one of the most unique walking sticks for sale anywhere!

1. Unmatched Stability

The EZ-Get Up From Seat Cane is a particularly strong walking cane that offers great stability and support. Most canes are not made to bear the weight of moving from a seated to a standing position, but the EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Cane is designed specifically with this purpose in mind! The EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Cane is estimated to be appropriate for most users weighing up to 250lbs.

2. Two Foam Handles for Easy Gripping

This strong walking cane features two foam handles for easy gripping and is truly a marvel of engineering that is sure to be helpful for those confined to their homes!

3. Customization Options

The EZ-Get-Up From Seat Cane is extremely versatile in order to suit the needs of as many users as possible. This fantastic walking cane can actually be ordered in three different variations: chrome, black, and bronze. All three models are adjustable. The black and chrome versions are adjustable from 33”-42” while the bronze is meant for shorter users and has a maximum cane height of 35.5”.

4. Self-Standing Quad Cane Base

For those looking for unmatched balance, adding a SafetBase attachment to the EZ Get-Up-From-Seat Cane is the way to go! The SafetBase is a four-tipped rubber cane base that works similarly to a traditional quad cane. This base offers improved balance that can be extremely helpful when using this cane to stand up from a seated position. The EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Cane with the SafetBase attachment is the best way to go for unmatched balance and peace of mind! Those looking for a more traditional quad cane experience with a larger base will love the Convertible Quad Base Get-Up-From-Seat Cane that can transition seamlessly from a single-tipped cane to a quad cane by simply changing out the cane’s bottom segment!

5. Great for Getting out of a Chair or Bed

Enjoy a good night’s sleep or a nice long sit-down in a comfy chair with added peace of mind knowing that the EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Cane will be there to help when you’re ready to rise!

6. Support on Stairs

The EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Cane is extremely reliable. It can even assist with going up and down the stairs or walking on uneven terrain. The quad base attachment makes traveling on almost any terrain a breeze!

7. Great for Standing after Sitting for Long Period

Time flies when you’re having fun! If you get lost in a good book or TV show, the EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat cane can help you stand up after sitting for a long while, even if you’re feeling a little stiff!

8. Sleek Design

The EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Cane is every bit as fashionable as it is functional! Its sleek neutral appearance allows it to blend in seamlessly in any setting.

9. Perfect for Spending Time at Home

Getting around the house should never be a chore! The enhanced mobility provided by the EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Cane can greatly improve one’s ability to move around the house to spend time with loved ones and furry friends!

10. Peace of Mind

Have you ever worried that you might doze off in your favorite chair and irritate your back or knees? Falling asleep in an uncomfortable position can make it hard to get back up, but with The EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat-Cane, you’ll have the extra support you need!

Stay Stable at Home!

While it may be easy to get into the habit of sitting for longer and longer periods of time for anyone who is confined to the house, it’s important to break that cycle in order to stay happy and healthy. The EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Cane is a valuable resource that offers an easier way to get up from a seated position for those who may normally have difficulty with doing so. If you or a loved one are staying home due to current events, be sure to buy an EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Cane to make the experience of being home a comfortable one!