Are Foldable Walking Canes Safe and Durable?

The most important thing to consider while looking for canes is whether or not they are safe. If you’ve ever gone cane shopping, you might have seen foldable walking canes available for sale.

However, have you ever thought about whether they are safe or not? In this piece, we will answer the question: are foldable walking canes safe and durable?

Folding black cane

Why Do People Use Foldable Walking Canes?

Before discussing the safety and durability of folding walking sticks, let’s dive into why they appeal to cane users in the first place: people like it when big things come in small packages. We want our belongings to be portable enough to take anywhere and easy to store when travel time is over.

For that reason, medical equipment that takes up excessive space is not an ideal tool for most people, and it can hinder someone’s mobility if they need to reduce the clutter in their home. That’s why people who need canes want them to be smaller. Although canes don’t take up too much space, and you can lean one on the wall when it needs to be out of the way, collapsible canes are available for people who want to hold it but not let it invade their personal space.

Folding walking Cane

Who Uses Foldable Walking Canes?

When you compare them to other means of ambulation, canes are too large to take on a plane or fit in a suitcase. People who travel often use folding canes for sitting in tight spaces on a bus or plane.

Using public transportation means you have to sacrifice some of your personal space, and there’s even less room for items you are bringing with you. In addition to routine travelers, folding canes are worthwhile for people who sit for extended periods.

If you aren’t walking around and standing up constantly, then your cane doesn’t have to be ready at all times. Folding canes are valuable because you can put them away and forget about them when they’re not in use.

Folding Faux Wooden cane

How Do Foldable Walking Canes Make People Feel?

Some people become more self-conscious about canes as they age. For them, canes feel like a way to permanently make them feel old and reveal their weaknesses.

One of the hidden benefits of foldable walking canes is that you don’t need to constantly show them off to the world. When you’re not using it, you can store it away from people’s eyes and ears.

If you can walk short distances without a cane, folding canes make it appear as if you don’t even need a cane at all. You only have to break out the folding cane for walking long distances.

Overall, foldable walking canes are a safe method of transportation for people with challenges to their mobility. Now, you should be able to answer the question: are foldable walking canes safe and durable? Can Wooden Canes Fold?

Cane Wooden Canes Fold?

The answer is No. Wooden Canes cannot be designed to fold. But wait, we have an answer for all the wooden cane users would love for their wooden canes to be compact for travel or storage. We have a 3 piece wooden cane that simply screws together to create a full length wooden walking cane. The Genuine Oak Walking Cane and the Genuine Wenge Wood Walking Cane. Both are beautiful and would be excellent for traveling.

3 piece wooden folding cane Wenge 3 Piece Folding Derby Walking Cane