How to Choose a Walking Cane Handle

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If you’re looking to purchase a cane, picking out the type of handle can be a big decision.

We have over 23 years of experience helping customers.

We are proud to offer a vast selection of different types of walking canes for our customers, and we’re going to demonstrate the handles, so you can make the best decision.


Our first and most popular type of handle is called a Derby handle.

These types of handles are ergonomically designed, and they help comfortably balance the weight of the user over the shaft.

The unique hook design allows the user to hang the cane off a table or arm, to free up the hands.



Our second handle type is Fritz, designed for comfort and easing the pressure from the user’s hand.

This type of handle is popular among customers who suffer from arthritis.

The open ended design allows the user to hold the cane comfortably, without causing pain in the fingers and hands.



The third type of handle is called a Knob handle.

These cane handles are designed for comfort, for the user’s hand.

The sophisticated look of knob handles are great for those who prefer stability, by grasping from the palm of the hand.



Our fourth type of handle is the Animal cane handle.

This is great for cane collectors, as each animal is unique.

We always keep comfort in mind when designing these canes.

These canes are perfect for that special occasion or gathering.



Number five on our list is the Ergonomic handle.

These handles were made for customers who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other similar conditions.

Ergonomic handles contour to the user’s right or left hand, making them very comfortable to hold in your hand.

You need to specify which hand you will need, when ordering these canes.


Palm Grip

Palm Grip handles are the sixth type we have for canes.

Similar to ergonomic handles, these are made for the left or right hand.

These are meant to naturally contour to the user's palm.

Our customers are often amazed how the palm grip handle conforms to the contour shape of their palm.



The seventh type of cane handle is the Offset handle.

Users benefit from the soft grip rubber handle that allows for a more comfortable experience.

These handles are designed to evenly distribute the user’s weight along the shaft, down to the rubber tip.

Keep in mind that we offer Quad Canes to be convertible, so that when you are ready, you can use it as an offset cane and remove the quad base.



Number eight on our list is the Tourist handle.

This classic style has been a favorite among cane users for centuries.

Designed after the shepherd’s crook, the unique hook design can be rested on the arm when not in use, much like the derby handle.




Our ninth and final cane handle on the list is the Hammock handle.

This handle is made for walking, and you can unfold the handle for comfortable seating wherever you are!

This is ideal for waiting in line or when you’re attending an outdoor event.



While we have over two decades of experience helping people around the world with walking canes, we always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider on deciding which handle type works best for you.


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