SafetBase Flexible Cane Tip Advantages & Benefits

Top Reasons to Order this New & Popular 4-prong Flexible Cane Tip Base Now

Why Choose the popular and soon-to-be best-selling SafetBase 4 Prong Cane Tip?

There's plenty of reasons to buy the new SafetBase flexible and pivoting cane tip. For instance, it is more convenient because it stands in place when you let it go. It's also safer because of the flexible 4-prong base and its added stability. It is also non-marking, so it won't mark up your floors!

It is also one of the only cane bases available in black and brown. One more thing, you can also save money. If you buy the SafetBase with any other cane purchase now you can save $5.


Safet Base Cane Tip Makes Any Cane Self Standing for Convenience

One of the more convenient features of the SafetBase cane is that its self-standing. The cane tip stands on its own when you let it go. This means you can rest your cane anywhere it will simply stand in place for you. Its saves the hassle of having to rest it against a wall or chair to free your hand, or worse dropping it and having to bend down and pick it up.

These self-standing cane bases are becoming more and more popular because they are so convenient. The added benefit is the stability of these multi-prong cane bases. Now, with the SafetBase you can turn your favorite cane into a self-standing one in just a few minutes. Simply buy the base and add it to your favorite single-tip cane.

Flexible 4-prong Cane Tip Can Pivot to Give You More Stability & Safety

Safet Base also has a flexible 4-prong cane tip to give you more stability and safety. This base has better flexing action than other four-prong cane bases. This action keeps the rubber prongs in contact with the ground longer. This provides more control and security than other 4-prong cane tips.

You can more easily and safely walk on flat and some uneven ground surfaces using this cane base. That gives you more freedom of movement. Take the cane outdoors, indoors or anywhere you want to go.

Shop for the Safet Base cane tip in Brown or Black!

Non-Marking Rubber Cane Base Tips Save Your Floors

The other feature of this cane base is the non-marking rubber cane tips. They will not mark up floors like other rubber bases. The cane tip feet are made of a hardened material that grips well but does not chalk off on a polished floor. If you have wood floors, linoleum or another hard flooring surface in your home, workplace or other places you go and don't want to mark it up with your cane, get the Safet Base now. You'll save your floors and enjoy a much better, safer and more convenient cane tip.

All of these are reasons why the smartest cane-users are choosing the Safet Base cane tip over others. Take a look at this new cane product and get your own today!