Take a Seat - Fashionable Canes

Seat canes are such a great option for cane users and non cane users alike. Available in many different styles to fit each users needs a seat cane provides stability while walking and a place to rest at the same time.

The most common use of seat canes we hear from our customers are:

- Theme park or museum visits.

- Cruises for those long buffet lines and outdoor excursions.

- Traveling by air with layovers and long security lines(don't forget you'll need to check the spike base with your luggage!)

- Sightseeing. You'll never know when you'll need a rest.

- Golf tournaments and other sporting events.

- Hunting trips, bird watching and camping. Great for almost all outdoor activities!

- So much more!

Our contour seat canes offer the added stability of three legs and your choice of black or 3 designer patterns including this American Songbird pattern.

If you are looking for a more streamline, one shaft model you might look at our hammock style seat canes. Available in adjustable and non-adjustable versions they seat canes offer a slimmer silhouette perfect for travel.

If you are on the go and don't need the stability of a cane all the time you might be better suited for a folding seat cane. These cane fold down into a small pack which can easily be stowed away.

Be sure to look at our full selection of seat canes for even more options.