Tips for Sanitizing Cane Handles & Walking Stick Grips

Walking canes go just about everywhere with their user. This means they also come into contact with a variety of environments. Preventing the spread of germs begins with proper walking stick care and there are small steps walking cane users can take to ensure a more sanitary experience using a cane. Utilizing proper cleaning techniques, practicing mindfulness of where a cane is left and what it comes into contact with, as well as avoiding the unnecessary sharing of canes and walking sticks are all great ways to practice using a walking cane in a sanitary way.

How to Clean a Cane Handle

There are nearly limitless germs that a cane can come into contact with on any given day, so it's important to properly clean the handle in order to prevent those germs from getting on the user's hands. The first step in practicing hygienic walking stick care is always taking the time to wash your hands before using a cane or walking stick. This will prevent the surface from becoming contaminated before the day can even get started. It's also good to give handles a thorough wash using mild soap and water and a cloth 1-2 times per week. In between cleanings, antibacterial wipes with at least 60% alcohol content are highly effective at killing germs and preventing the spread of further contamination. Cleaning the handle with antibacterial wipes after each and every use will greatly enhance the cleanliness of any cane.

Avoid Unnecessary Contact with Surfaces

It can often be tempting to lean a cane against the counter in a busy checkout line or even to set it aside on the ground for a moment while attending to other matters. This, however, is not the best practice for using a cane in terms of sanitation. When a cane is propped with its handle against a surface or on the ground, the user will inevitably come into contact with whatever germs or bacteria may be present once the cane is picked up again. The best way to avoid this is to make smart use of walking cane accessories.

Cane Holders

Cane Holders
can be used to prop a cane up against a counter, desk, or table without the handle ever coming into contact with the surface. Cane holders are also de-attachable and can easily be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe after every use.

Self-Standing Cane Bases

A self-standing base is also an excellent solution for preventing the spread of germs, as the cane will be able to stand on its own without needing to be propped against anything. Be sure to disinfect the bottom of the base after every use to avoid tracking around harmful materials and bacteria.

Keep Your Cane Close

With such fashionable and stylish canes available, it's no wonder that many users loan them to friends for special occasions or even just let someone try walking with a cane for the first time to see what it is like for them. Unfortunately, sharing is not always caring. When it comes to cane cleanliness, it is imperative that everyone handles only their own belongings. Be sure to use only your own cane as germs can easily be transferred from any user's hand to the handle, meaning that touching the same walking cane handle or walking stick grip should be avoided.

Stay Safe and Sanitary

Though it may seem like a small step, practicing good walking stick care is an excellent way to stop the spread of harmful pathogens. By using appropriate cleaning methods for handles and walking stick grips as well as avoiding leaving canes on unsanitary surfaces or sharing them with other users, the risk of spreading dangerous germs with a walking cane can be greatly reduced. Be sure to stay safe and sanitary and give your stylish cane a good cleaning today!