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How Do You Walk With a Cane When You Have Gout?

Gout can make your normal walking routine extremely painful. Many gout patients find themselves wondering: how do you walk with a cane when you have gout?

Are Foldable Walking Canes Safe and Durable?

Folding walking sticks offer portable storage options for carrying a cane. This piece will answer the question: are foldable walking canes safe and durable?

10 Tips for Hiking Safely as You Get Older

The older you get, the more precautions you have to take when engaging in physical activity. These are the top ten tips for hiking safely as you get older.

How To Keep Track of Your Cane at All Times

Losing your cane is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. It’s easy to forget it or leave it behind, but doing so impacts your ability to walk and perform other tasks until you get a new one. This is why you want to make keeping it by your side as simple as possible. Here’re some basic tricks on how to keep track of your cane at all times. Wrist Strap The simplest way to remember your cane is to use a wrist strap. Plenty of canes come with a wrist strap already, but you might need to...

How to Honor Your Irish Heritage as You Get Older

When you get older, your heritage gains an increasing role in shaping your personal identity. This is how to honor your Irish heritage as you get older.

The Best Fashion Accessories for Your Aging Loved One

As your loved one gets older, not only does it get harder to choose outfits for them, but the outfits become harder to put on as well! They feel like there’s less and less for them to wear, but they shouldn’t fret. Entering their golden years might lead to the best fashion decisions of their life with the right approach. The secret to maintaining a keen fashion sense as you age is to utilize outfit accessories to their fullest potential. With that in mind, here are some of the best fashion accessories for your aging loved one. Wearing a Hat...

Why Men and Women's Canes Are Different

Many people wonder why men’s and women’s canes are different. Many of the reasons for the different categories are to make it easier to shop for the right cane.

How Canes Can Help With Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most persistent problems that the aging population faces. These are a few of the ways that canes help with back pain.

What an Irish Shillelagh Is Used For

If you have ever seen one, you might wonder what an Irish shillelagh is used for; well, the odd stick is useful for several things, like walking or sports.

How To Help Your Aging Parent Get Used To Using a Cane

Getting older comes with its challenges. When mobility becomes an issue, you need to know how to help your aging parent get used to using a cane.

How Much Weight a Cane Can Support

Knowing how much weight a cane can support is important if you’re looking for your own cane. Otherwise, you’ll get one you can’t use reliably.

Common Mistakes Made When Using a Cane

A cane is necessary for many people if they want to get around by themselves. Learn the common mistakes made when using a cane so you can avoid them.

How To Improve Your Balance as You Age

It’s normal for balance to become an issue as you age, but you can do things to help. Here are a few steps on how to improve your balance as you age.

The Benefits of a Derby Handle Cane

There are many styles of canes in the world, but the derby handle cane is a special one. It’s easy to see why once you know the benefits of a derby handle cane.

The History of the Walking Cane

You can find walking canes throughout history in the hands of both kings and the simplest farmers and shepherds. This is the history of the walking cane.

Ways for Seniors To Stay Active

Everyone needs to stay physically active to be healthy throughout their life, which is why it’s important that you know ways for seniors to stay active.

The Anatomy of a Walking Cane

Although a walking cane might look like a simple object, there are several distinct parts and features. So, what’s the anatomy of a walking cane?

Tips for How To Wrap a Walking Stick Handle

There are many amazing walking sticks out there, but sometimes they don’t fit your hand. To help, use these tips for how to wrap a walking stick handle.

How To Safely Use a Cane on Stairs

It is important for anyone who uses a cane to know how to safely use a cane on stairs. Otherwise, the risk of losing your balance and falling increases.

Strategies To Help Seniors Who Refuse To Use Walking Aids

As people age, they will often need a walking aid. However, some refuse to use them. Here are some strategies to help seniors who refuse to use walking aids.

How To Know When You Need a Cane

Walking canes are an amazing assistant to everyone who may have trouble walking, but before purchasing one, you should learn how to know when you need a cane.

How To Size and Measure a Walking Cane

Getting a new cane is an important moment—that is why knowing how to size and measure a walking cane is key if you want a cane that works for you.

How To Set Up a Charity Walk

There are so many charities in the world that can use help raising money. Learning how to set up a charity walk is a good way to help them out.

Walking Canes vs. Walking Sticks: The Differences

It may look like there is no difference between them, but the differences between walking canes vs. walking sticks are very important to anyone who needs one.