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The Different Types of Walking Canes

Buying a stylish cane that also fits all your needs can be a daunting task. To help you decide, here is a guide on the different types of walking canes.

How To Find and Join a Walking Club

There are many reasons you might want to join a walking club. Luckily, they’re not difficult to enroll in once you know how to find and join a walking club.

The Many Uses of Walking Canes

Other than walking, canes seem to have little use and function. However, this is far from the truth. Here are some of the many uses of walking canes.

Tips for Walking When You Have Bad Knees

If you have bad knees, walking really does improve health in the long run, if done properly. Here are some tips for walking when you have bad knees.

How To Care for Your Wooden Walking Cane

Here are some tips for cane maintenance. It’s important to know how to care for your wooden walking cane if you want to keep it gorgeous.

Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Mobility at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic intensified isolation for seniors, threatening mental and physical health. Here are ways seniors can improve their mobility at home.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go for A Walk

Walking has been rightly hailed as a great way to exercise, and everyone is aware that exercise is good for health. If you need a purpose to get started, choose from these top reasons why you should go for a walk. Walking Is Free and Low Impact You don’t have to buy expensive fitness equipment or join a club to go for a walk (although walking clubs can be a lot of fun, and joining one when it is safe to socialize again is a good motivator). Walking is also a low impact exercise, meaning it’s easy on the joints....

Holiday Cane Gift Guide 2020 - Best Holiday Gift Ideas

Is someone on your holiday gift list wanting or needing a new walking stick or cane this year? We are proud to offer the most beautiful canes, made only from the finest materials, that you’ll find anywhere in the world. Whether your focus is fashion or function, our goal is to deliver the best canes at the best prices! From classic elegance to bold & fashionable, here are a few of our favorite canes this holiday season... A Quick Note on Handle Styles Derby Handles The Derby style cane handle dates back to the 1400s and is named for Lord...

How to Choose an Appropriate Walking Cane

Developing the need for a mobility aid can be discouraging. Knowing how to choose an appropriate walking cane can make the transition easier.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Cane for the First Time

Purchasing a walking cane involves several important choices. Mistakes to avoid when buying a cane for the first time involve the length, type, and tip.

How To Never Lose Your Walking Cane

They get left on trains, in cabs, or at the rec center. It’s frustrating to misplace your trusted mobility aid. Here’s how to never lose your walking cane again.

Different Exercises Using a Cane

Living with limited mobility doesn’t mean giving up on fitness. Here we offer several different exercises using a cane that you can do at home.

Different Types of Walking Canes

Canes function as mobility aids, fashion statements, or even gadget canes. The spectrum of different types of walking canes includes adjustable and transparent canes.

Stay Home in Style with the EZ-Get-Up-From-Seat Walking Cane

With so many people spending time at home, we thought this was a great time to feature one of our most essential products for using around the house. Spending time at home will undoubtedly mean spending more time sitting down for most people. Prolonged periods of sitting can take a toll on the body and make it more difficult to get back up and get moving again. For this reason, we carry a very special product called the EZ Get-Up-From-Seat Cane. This revolutionary device that is actually strong enough to help most users stand up from a seated position, making...

Is it Safe to Go for a Walk while Social Distancing?

While daily life certainly looks somewhat different for the average citizen lately, it is important to steal away little moments of normalcy as we move forward together. Though governments all over the world have begun to issue shelter-in-place orders intended to keep everyone safe and enforce social distancing, not all areas have implemented such restrictions yet and many of those that have still allow for moderate outdoor activity for individuals. Going for a walk to clear the mind and engage the body can be highly effective in combating the anxiety that many people may be feeling amid growing concerns with...

Tips for Sanitizing Cane Handles & Walking Stick Grips

Keeping walking cane handles and walking stick grips clean is a great way to promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of germs. Click to learn more!

Physical and Mental Benefits of Taking a Walk with Family

Taking a walk together as a family is a great way to promote conversation, improve health, and make everyone feel included! Click to learn more benefits!

Choosing the Best Walking Cane Handle for Stability & Style

When deciding on a walking cane handle, comfort, stability, and style must be taken into consideration. Click to learn more & find your best cane handle!

Fashionable Canes Restored my Confidence

As someone who is likely to need a walking cane for the rest of my days, it means the world to me to have more stylish options than a standard medical...

Fun Ways to Stay Active as a Senior: Senior Fitness Tips

Aerobic activities like cycling, walking, and swimming are a fun way to stay active as a senior. Click to learn more about senior fitness!

Safety Tips for Using a Walking Cane

Walking cane safety starts with knowing a cane's weight limit, using dependable cane tips, and knowing how to use a cane properly. Click to learn more!

Essential Walking Cane Accessories: Tips, Holders, & More!

Walking cane accessories like cane tips, wrist straps, and cane holders are essential for a stable walking experience. Click to learn about cane accessories!

How to Add Walking to Your Daily Routine

Find out how and why adding a good walk to your daily routine is worth the time and effort. Click here to see the benefits and start walking today!

Jennifer Lopez's Daring Super Bowl Clear Walking Cane Dance

Jennifer Lopez showcased a clear cane during the Super Bowl Halftime show with style. Browse our selection of clear canes today, and capture the look!