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Selma Blair Rocked a Cane on the Red Carpet

Actress Selma Blair used a Cane at the Oscars for Support and it Helped Make Her Red Carpet Appearance a Stylish & Meaningful Oscar Highlight Selma Blair didn't let her…View Post

10 Unique Woods Available in a Walking Cane

Although metal and carbon fiber canes are common, nothing beats the beauty of a wooden walking cane. Wood has a natural look that can't be matched by synthetic materials. Cherry…View Post

Our Best Walking Assistance Devices

The Best Devices for Those That Need Help Walking Due to Age, a Moderate Disability, or After an Injury or Surgery If you need assistance walking there are a range…View Post

Survival Walking Sticks & Staffs

Learn More about the New Trend of Survival Walking Sticks and Tactical Staffs You might have heard about survival walking sticks or staffs, or even seen one out on the…View Post

Our Best Wood Hiking Sticks and Staffs

Take a look at these hand-carved wooden hiking sticks and staffs: conversation and comfort on the trail Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air,…View Post

Top 5 Canes to Give as Gifts for Older Dads this Father's Day

These canes make the best gift ideas for older dads on this special day! Father's day is a time for everyone to celebrate dad… that guy who's always been there…View Post

8 Best Summer Walking Canes

Summer walking canes are important. With summer right around the corner, we're daydreaming about the warmth, sunshine, vacation, and the beach. We can't wait to get outside and catch some…View Post

Best Stand Up Cane Tips and Bases

If you use a cane you have certainly heard about the 4-pronged stand up cane bases and tips. They make life easier because these stand alone canes stay upright when…View Post

SafetBase Flexible Cane Tip Advantages & Benefits

Top Reasons to Order this New & Popular 4-prong Flexible Cane Tip Base Now Why Choose the popular and soon-to-be best selling Safet Base 4 Prong Cane Tip? There's plenty…View Post

Winter Cane Ice Safety

With another abnormally harsh winter underway there is a constant reminder of the need for ice safety. Iowa State University provides these simple, yet effective tips for winter walking. Plan… View Post

Real Cool Gifts for an Uncle from Niece or Nephew

Stylish, Cool and Unique, Hats & Canes are Excellent Uncle Gifts Ideas Looking to find really cool gifts for an uncle from niece or nephew? There's no need to settle…View Post

Unique & Memorable Gifts for Grandparents from Adults or Kids

Buying gifts for grandparents today can be tricky. With so many new hi-tech gift ideas, there are few gift choices for grandparents and older generations that make sense. But if…View Post

Finding Special & Unique Gifts for Elderly Parents

Best Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents and Seniors to Show You Care Your elderly parents spent a good portion of their lives raising youâ€â€_x009d_and now it's time to start returning…View Post

Gifts for Elderly Women & Men

It might seem difficult to find great gifts for elderly women and men. With so many high-tech gadgets and other products designed for younger generations, there's less to choose from.…View Post

Gifts for Senior Citizens and Elderly Relatives

Are you looking for some unique and cool gifts for elderly people and senior citizens? It may seem like there are fewer elderly and senior citizen gift ideas that make…View Post

When Do You Know it's Time to Use a Walking Cane?

Many people wonder, how to know it is time to start using a cane. While there's not a simple yes or no answer, there are some good reasons to use…View Post

Using a Cane for Hip Pain

Suffering from hip pain? Consider using a cane for hip pain relief and treatment. When used for assistance, a cane can reduce the weight and stress placed on a painful…View Post

How to Walk With a Cane After Hip Surgery

Hip surgery is a major medical procedure designed to give you more freedom of movement and less pain. However, it involves a long recovery period and physical therapy in some…View Post

5 Reasons a Folding Cane Might Be Right for You

Walking canes make it easier for people of all ages to move around safely. They take pressure off the legs and provide added support for good balance. In spite…View Post

3 Ways to Remove a Rubber Tip From a Cane

Although the rubber tip on your cane may require you to replace it at some point, that's not the only reason you might decide to switch it out. Due…View Post

Burt Reynolds: The Fashionable Bandit Who Uses a Fashionable Cane

When it comes to masculine hunks of the 20th century, Burt Reynolds certainly comes to mind. Back in the 1970s, Reynolds spent five years straight as number one at the box office with movies such as “Deliverance” and the “Smokey and the Bandit” series. His daring ways, signature smile, and fashionable style made ladies swoon and men just a bit jealous. Even though Reynolds is now over 80, he still is remembered by many as a macho Hollywood icon. Here are five things you might not know about Burt Reynolds. 1. He Did a Cosmo Spread Although Reynolds already met...

5 Things You Need to Know Before Using Your Walking Cane

A walking cane can prove to be a helpful tool as long as it suits you and you are able to use it properly. Although it might seem to be…View Post

How to Care for a Wooden Cane

If you own a wooden cane or have a loved one who uses one, you're probably quite used to seeing it sitting around or resting against the wall. One aspect…View Post

How to Convince Someone to Use a Walking Cane

It can be difficult to talk someone into doing something that's in their best interests when they don't actually want to do it. Whether it's something as simple as…View Post