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Who Should Use a Quad Cane and Why

You're probably familiar with standard walking canes, which are used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Quad canes, on the other hand, differ dramatically from those cool walking canes…View Post

How to Make Your Cane Winter Ready

It's beginning to look a lot like the holiday season. Temperatures are dropping, heaters are coming on, decorations are sparkling, and you're getting ready to bake up a storm. But…View Post

J.J. Watt's Fashionable Cane

Sports injuries are nothing but surprising and are devastating for the person suffering, sometimes resulting in them being out for the season. Take for example Sports Illustrated's 2017 Sportsperson of…View Post

Can Canes Be Taken on Airplanes?

So, you're the owner of a fabulously fashionable walking cane for women or a formal cane for men. Chances are that no matter what type of cane you use, you…View Post

Benefits of a Walking Cane for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the top health reasons for work absences and disability claims. With millions of Americans suffering from issues that involve the lower back, the financial impact…View Post

How to Choose a Walking Cane

When shopping for a walking cane, style and function are both important. You want a cane that looks great but does not cause your body to ache after use. To…View Post

How to Use a Walking Cane on Stairs

There's no question that canes for men and women can be lifesavers. But people dealing with the pain of aching joints or the aftermath of surgery shouldn't need to worry…View Post

How to Dress Up Canes for Women

Owners of women's walking canes sometimes want something a little more than what their current cane has to offer. Sometimes the cane is already considered elegant, fashionable, or trendyâ€â€_x009d_but it's…View Post

Top Reasons to Choose a Heavy-Duty Walking Cane

A wide selection of canes in various styles, materials, sizes, colors and shapes exists â€â€_x009d_ including a whole category of canes for people who need extra support and stability. Within this…View Post

How to Keep your Walking Cane from Getting Lost

Sometimes people are forgetful, become distracted or otherwise accidentally leave their walking cane behind. Although it's possible that a waitress or a salesperson will notice the cane and put it…View Post

The Importance of Proper Cane Sizing

So you've decided to use an assistive cane. That happens to be a great decision for anyone who needs a little additional help with balance. While a cane is not…View Post

Using a Cane to Recover from Knee Surgery

When knee pain becomes a constant companion, you know it's time for surgery. Although knee surgery isn't fun, it's likely to be the best solution. Afterwards, coming up with a…View Post

Try out your New Walking Stick on these Terrific Hikes

It's always exciting to get a walking stick, and there's no better way to try out your new gear than to head out on a hike. Whether you live in…View Post

Discover the Top 5 Cities for a Walking Tour

Are you ready to step up your vacation plans? Experienced travelers know that walking through the streets of a city is one of the best ways to learn about both…View Post

How to Choose the Right Cane for You

Have you looked at canes lately? Stylishly designed, contemporary canes are a far cry from antiquated notions of what defines a cane. In short, they are not your grandfather's cane.…View Post

Looking Good With a Cane

"“If I have to use a cane, I might as well look great doing it!â€Â_x009d_ You know one of the reasons that I love doing what I do is that…View Post

Walking Canes are Stylish

You know one of the reasons that I love doing what I do is that it give me the ability to help people feel great about the way they look!…View Post

Don't Forget your Cane Tips

Have you ever taken a look at the different accessories we have to offer as an add-on for your cane? There are a lot of different things that you can…View Post

Carbon Fiber - The Latest in Lightweight Cane Fashion Technology

What do canes and high performance race cars have in common? Carbon fiber. This super strong, yet super light material has become the building material of the future. Used in…View Post

Interesting History on Shillelaghs and Blackthorn Wood

Hello there from cane world! Just popping in to give everyone some really interesting history that I have found on Shillelaghs and Blackthorn wood. A really beautiful product with a rich history! You may have seen our great selection of Shillalagh and Blackthorn and wondered about their origins. Blackthorn is a large bush that grows in the British Isles. The twisted, thorny, dark colored limbs have been used for defense, called Shillelaghs, for centuries. Blackthorn is a very resilient wood that is naturally resistant to warping which made it a perfect material to be made into a fighting stick. “Oh!...

Exclusive Royal Canes Shoe Horns

The alarm clock goes off and it’s time to get up to start your day. As you go through your usual routine, you notice your fingers straining trying to slip on one of your shoes before heading out the door. The back of your favorite loafers are starting to show signs of the wear and tear from struggling to get your shoes on over the last few months. Why not quickly slip your shoes on and get out the door to have more time to get errands finished or not being late to work. Assume you put your shoes on...

Madonna at 2014 Grammys with Crystal Ball Cane

Not only did Madonna appear on the red carpet in a black suit with a black shaft, formal women’s cane, but for her performance, she wore a Ralph Lauren Collection off-white silk-cotton-sateen three-piece tuxedo with a white cotton floral-embroidered tie. Of course, the most notable accessory was her beautiful crystal ball cane, which featured a silver collar and white shaft. Madonna’s taste in attire has always led the way for others to know what is and what is not in style in today’s fast-paced world of fashion. Her outfit, gorgeous smile and amazing voice completes the package of what so...

Christmas Gift Cane Ideas for Men and Women

Review of Gift Ideas for Her Yes, the holiday season is upon on us and you are looking for some great Christmas gift ideas. Specifically, we will be pointing you…View Post

Walking Sticks for Exercise

We have turned into a generation where exercise means rapidly moving our fingers in front of a computer or smart phone. What ever happened to the days of simply just taking a long walk or hike? Yes, I do feel the irony in this situation as I sit here and type away. Let’s change together. I have always wanted to go hiking to view everything nature has to offer and to get in a great endurance workout. Before you set off on your adventure, it’s important to take a quality exercise walking stick to aid you when traveling unknown or...