Harvy Brand Canes

Harvy canes have been a staple in "leaning devices" for over 100 years and were once only available to the royalty and those of stature in London. They are now manufactured in the New York area by fifth generation sons, Paul and Scott. From the birth of their creation by Abraham Levy who crafted each cane by hand, often working for over a week on each unique cane, bending and perfecting each one to the quality crafted canes of the Harvy brand of today that still holds to the quality and passion of their benefactor. There is no wonder in how these intricate canes have traveled in time through 5 generations. A variety of canes are crafted by the Harvy Brand that allows you to define your personal style and tastes quite easily with knowledge of knowing you have one of the best canes on the market of the highest quality. Harvy canes use an assortment of materials and finishes to create their complete line of quality canes, from durable and lightweight aluminum to the best hardwoods available, beechwood, cherrywood, ash and blackthorn to just name a few.

There is not one simple style that marks the Harvy Brand name but a wide assortment with a variety of shaft lengths and handles styles that will complement the tastes and needs of all who choose Harvy canes for their cane of choice. Handles will vary from Derby, Ergonomic, Animal, Fritz, Palm Grip, Knob, Offset, Tourist and custom varieties.

Another fun feature of the Harvy canes on the market today are the opaque and translucent cane styles that gives a new and modern twist to the look of canes and are very adaptable to a variety of tastes and modern personalities that want a cane that represents the times of today and not that of old. A medical cane is not only needed for support but a statement of design and tastes and offers a sense of flare to those who desire to blend their personalities with a unique piece of artwork that can complement a variety of dress attires, are quite useful and also make for engaging conversation pieces.

If you are a cane collector, you most likely know the quality of the Harvy Brand and have a few in your collection. But, if you are new to the world of canes and the creative designs offered, there are few very popular canes by Harvy that can be a staple for beginning collectors or those just looking to have a cane for its usefulness or artistic presence. Now, let's go over some truly unique and imaginative canes that make Harvy's quality in design and functionality stand out.

Popular Harvy Brand Canes

The Spiral Carved Derby Walking Cane with Chestnut Shaft

If you are looking for a hand-carved testament to the style of wooden canes, you cannot go wrong with this affordable Chestnut cane. The deep wood tones is scorched and flamed to create interesting detail and is stained to a rich Autumn brown that is a natural and artistic look. Anyone looking for a classic cane style will be highly impressed with this derby-style walking cane. It is very durable and not only supplies the support you need but will easily transfer from your daily casual style to evening wear. The spiral carved shaft and handle lend a nice detail to the cane and makes a wonderful piece to be added to any collection or for first time buyers. Is a very comfortable cane and offers maximum support.

Natural Chestnut Tourist Walking Cane with Natural Chestnut Shaft

The tourist style of walking canes are a fun style that are very useful for walking almost anywhere and offer longer lengths if you enjoy hiking and need a little extra support when climbing steep hills and navigating through tall grasses. This cane is left unstained and is one of the most natural styles of canes offered that looks like you may have sat for weeks and smoothed and carved the cane yourself. Anyone who loves exploring their surroundings and being outside will want one of these very useful canes for their collection and when out on the hiking trail, will simply not be able to live without it. It is not only a nice piece but very useful, durable and weight bearing.

Light Brown Fritz Handle Walking Cane with Stained Beechwood Shaft

A very popular cane style is that of the Fritz handle that offers extra support and is easy on the hand when you need to really bare down on the cane, fits well in the palm and feels very natural. The soft color of the Beechwood is finished with a light stain that lets the beautiful grain of the beechwood show and creates a timeless cane that never goes out of style. This is a wonderful cane for daily outings that is not only simple and elegant but a sturdy cane that can get the job done. Its simple design and natural appeal will compliment your most casual attire to a more dressed up style.

Unique and Artistic Harvy Brand Canes

Spiral Carved L Handle Walking Cane with Chestnut Shaft

This is a great cane for outdoor enthusiasts made of Chestnut wood that is flamed and scorched and reminds one of a deer horn or decorated bone and is quite unique with the very comfortable L-Style handle. The carving detail is a healthy blend of cutting and creative techniques that complement the rich grain of the Chestnut wood and each cane is hand carved which represents that each cane in this category will be unique and not like any other cane with subtle differences in design that will be seen in the grain and the carvings. An affordable style that is very useful for walking on different types of terrain from strolling through grassy parks or for a simple outing to the grocer or market.

Scrimshaw Eagle & Claw Knob Handle Walking Stick with Black Beechwood Shaft and Silver Collar

A must have cane for collectors, an interesting conversational piece for dinner parties and social outings that also works well as a very durable cane. The beloved eagle in such raw detail is a marvelous handle adornment that speaks of stature and a representation of things regal. The Scrimshaw etching dates back to the time of the American Whale Man and is an ancient art form that once used ivory and whale bone to create highly artistic pieces that represented sophistication and a love of nature.

The beechwood shaft is a durable piece that resists cracking and is kiln-cured to increase strength and durability. Treated with a semi-gloss water resistant finish, this cane is practically indestructible and a very useful tool for walking and standing offering support when it is necessary. The resin handle looks like real whale bone and is a shocking treat that it is not and offers comfort in style in the palm. While the shaft is very durable, the handle can crack or break if dropped and though very durable and comfortable can be quite fragile. This is a gentleman's cane that is made for complimenting a formal affair or as a collector's piece.

Alpaca Wolf Head Tourist Handle Walking Cane with Black Maple Shaft

A walking cane that has a J handle is much more durable than pure silver but offers the same elegance and style. It's a replica style cane that is an engaging and interesting piece of artwork from the 1970's television soap opera, "Dark Shadows". The reminiscent dog head on the cane is a sure delight for those who love their canine companions and made form Alpaca silver that is durable, will not tarnish or scratch and the nickeled silver is an ancient silver dating as far back as the 18th century first used in the Far East.

The dark maple shaft compliments the silver handle and is kiln-cured for extra durability. This is a sophisticated cane that is not only a must have for collectors but is very useful as a weight bearing cane that will accessorize formal attire, business suits and casual wear. If you are a lover of canines and like to provide your enthusiasm through artistic statement, then this is a cane that will provide the unique personality and charisma you are seeking. It is highly durable and made of the strongest maple wood available and finished with a water resistant semi-gloss and is not only a timeless piece but as well can represent a legacy and be passed down through generations as a sentimental family heirloom. Your grandchildren's' grandchildren could someday be the proud owners of your unique cane.

Modern Style Canes

Lucite Ball Handle Walking Stick with Lucite Shaft and Silver Collar

Now this is a great modern day accessory for those who love the fragile look of glass but like a durable style of cane. It is a very unique style that you will not see on the street and is a creative conversational piece. Its design is of a durable and lightweight Lucite with a matching ball knob handle and shaft that creates a uniformed appearance of a solid piece of glass that is decorated by a silver collar. It appears to be a glimmering accessory that creates a flare that easily compliments a variety of styles, looks wonderful with a white suit or a classic tux and is not just an accent but a durable cane that offers weight bearing support.

Pool Stick Ball Handle Walking Stick with Black Shaft

A novelty item that is not made to be a weight bearing cane but a useful accessory when you are out on the town wanting to have a bit of fun. Other patrons will gather as it acts as great conversation starter at parties or the pub where a pool table may be the center of attention. You have come prepared as you wow your friends when you transform your sophisticated walking stick into a pool stick and hit every shot, straight and true. This is a wonderful gift item for those who love the games of billiards and is an interesting piece. A brass knob on a glossy black shaft that transforms from a classic style of walking stick to a pool stick with a twist of the wrist.

Blue Ice Ergonomical Walking Cane with Black Beechwood Shaft and Silver Collar

This immensely popular and durable walking cane has a strong beechwood shaft that puts a twist on the canes of old and is something that will impress your peers as well as friends. The blue ice handle is a derby-style that will only fit a left or right hand and must be specified upon order. Made of a very durable acrylic, the handle is shatter resistant and will not chip or scratch if dropped. The glossy blue ice color is complimented by the silver collar and deep glossy black finish on the beechwood shaft. This cane presents a very modern taste that makes a statement when used with formal attire, to compliment you at the club on the dance floor or at important dinner parties and business functions. You can easily see yourself taking this cane with you everywhere and supports weight bearing features that make this not only a very attractive conversation piece but a durable cane that can offer support and stability when needed.

Final Thoughts

Abraham Levy may not have had a vision in creating a business for his future generations to serve those with medical needs and a passion for unique and stylish canes but his timeless designs live on and the future of Harvy Brand canes is quite bright. After he and his family moved to the states, his young son went into business to make umbrella handles by turning and curving custom wooden handles that were artistic and useful. He then saw an opportunity to lengthen the handle into canes that afforded him the opportunity to earn extra money and support his large family of eight children.

The Harvy Brand canes do not only represent a trusted cane with a high quality standard that offers a variety of artistic and useful canes but also a rich history that heightens the value of the brand. Not just a commercial cane brand but a brand with history and an interesting tale of dedication and a passion for those things of sophistication and their useful applications within a family of artisans and craftsman.