We only offer the best products for cane polishes and preservers to our customers. Over the years, we found Howards Feed-N-Wax is by far the best maintenance product for a wooden walking cane. It is very easy to use and will make your cane shine and look brand new again. It is as simple of wiping on and wiping off your cane. Many of our customers return to buy a larger size of this product so they can use it on all wood surfaces throughout their home. Pine-Ola Silver polish will make any silver cane have that amazing silver glow that Sterling Silver shows after you polish it. Your cane is an accessory of your outfit. Just like your clothing you will want to wash and maintain your cane to make them not look dull and worn out. Why not do the same for your walking canes and keep them looking brand new? We promise you will be completely satisfied and very happy with your purchase when you start to use any of these Howard products.