Looking to travel and need to know if you can bring your favorite cane, walking stick, or hiking pole on the plane?

If you are traveling to a new hiking destination like the Rocky Mountains or one of our nation's great state parks, you might be considering taking your cane, walking stick, hiking staff/ trekking pole on the plane with you. Be sure to avoid any nasty surprises at the airport by reading up first to ensure that your item is eligible to be taken on your flight.

Can You Bring a Walking Cane on a Plane?

Yes, you can take your walking cane on an airplane if you require it for assistance and mobility. The TSA will allow a walking cane or walking stick and other devices like walking chairs required for personal use and safety on an airplane.

Your cane still has to fit within the airlines size limits for carry-on bags if you are packing the cane in a carry-on bag. Since most canes don't fit inside normal carry-ons, you should be prepared to simply carry the cane with you on the airplane.

If you are not sure if TSA guidelines apply to you, just be aware that the final decision always resides with the TSA officer on duty.

A clear cane like the Crystal Ridges Tourist Walking Cane is great for getting through airport security as it is plain to see that nothing is concealed inside the transparent shaft!

Can you Take Hiking Sticks & Trekking Poles on a Plane?

The TSA only allows canes and walking sticks if they are required assistive devices (link). Hiking or trekking poles are not allowed if they are to be used just for hiking.

You can bring a folding hiking pole on a plane as long as it can be broken down and fits inside your carry-on luggage. Other folding canes may be taken on a plane if they can fit inside carry-on bags.

Trekking poles, such as this sleek Leki model, are not considered assistive devices and are not allowed on planes.

Bringing Folding & Collapsible Canes and Hiking Sticks on Airplanes

This Black Adjustable Comfort Grip Folding Walking Cane folds up neatly and compactly, making it perfect for travel.

There are folding canes and hiking sticks that can break down small enough to fit inside most carry-on bags. So, you can fit the cane or walking stick inside a carry-on and bring it with you, if you aren't checking bags. It will be handy to have it to use walking through the airport. The cane will be put through an X-ray machine and scanned like other devices and items.

Collapsible canes and hiking poles are always a good choice if you don't want to bring checked bags. Check out our folding canes and walking sticks ideal for travelers.

Bringing Canes & Walking Sticks in Your Checked Bags

If you are traveling with a cane or large walking stick, and you can't bring it with you on the plane, there are safe ways to transport them when traveling on an airplane. Don't store them inside of soft luggage or duffle bags. Always pack your canes, large walking sticks and hiking staffs inside a protective tube or shipping container. If you place canes inside of soft luggage they can easily damage or puncture your bags. As long as you follow these guidelines and direct any further questions to the TSA, you should have a smooth experience traveling with your cane! Now that you know more about the right kinds of walking canes and sticks are acceptable for travel, click here to buy a walking cane or stick today!