10 of the Most Walkable Cities in Europe You Need To Visit

No matter what age you are, traveling around the world is one of life’s greatest pleasures. People travel internationally for a variety of purposes, whether they’re visiting friends or family or just taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of a new location.

When you’re traveling around the globe, you probably wonder how you’re going to get there—but you might not think about how you’re going to get around once you’re there. You can hail cabs, learn the bus routes, remember the train schedule, or even rent a car, but the easiest and most affordable way to traverse a town is by walking. Although road trips and romantic train getaways have their purposes, walking is the simplest and often the most enjoyable way to experience a city.

Especially in this day and age, walking is the safest method of exploring as opposed to sitting in congested train cars or using confusing rideshare services. However, if you want to walk around an international city, you need to find a walkable destination. Europe has some of the most walkable cities in the world, so start by planning your vacation there. With that in mind, here are 10 of the most walkable cities in Europe you need to visit.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

One of the most quintessentially European cities in which to walk around is Amsterdam. Many Dutch people speak English, and the city’s layout makes it the perfect walking destination. Spend the day strolling through picturesque neighborhoods, and make sure to stop by a café to grab some espresso.

While you’re there, walk through the spectacular hidden gardens, which you can find throughout the city, or admire the floating houses. There’s a reason why this city is known as the “Venice of the North”: it has fantastic canals, awe-inspiring architecture, and over 1,500 bridges. Amsterdam is also well-known as the home to many precious artworks as well as the Anne Frank House.

Salzburg, Austria

Every film-lover knows that Austria served as the setting for The Sound of Music, and if you travel to Salzburg, you’ll feel like you’re in the movie. Salzburg is a vibrant city with many places to grab delicious food. Spending the day taking in the scenery with a loved one will make you realize how romantic this city is and why it’s a fantastic location for an anniversary.

During your stay, make time for Mirabell Gardens, and then you can grab a bite to eat near the Salzach River while watching the boats drift past you. If you find yourself in the Old Town, you might lose track of time, since the crowds can be intense when the busy season hits. Go there earlier in the day if you want to beat the rush.

Florence, Italy

Florence is an iconic city that showcases the best that Western civilization has to offer. Many people travel to Rome or Venice instead, which makes Florence the perfect destination for the quintessential Italian experience at a slower pace. You can take in just as much culture in Florence as you would in those other cities, and it’s very walkable as well. Stop by the Florence Cathedral for a unique photo opportunity, and then make your way toward the Accademia Gallery to see Michelangelo’s David. If you have any time left over, you can eat some gelato while taking in the beauty of the Ponte Vecchio.

Venice, Italy

Venice was one of the central hubs of culture during the Renaissance, making it one European destination you don’t want to miss. Best of all, you can travel from one area of the city to another in an hour, either by foot or gondola.

Getting lost in Venice is easy as you make your way through the extensive canal system. This walkable city has many famous landmarks, including the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, the Palazzo Ducale, and Piazza San Marco.

Porto, Portugal

Portugal has many beautiful and walkable cities. One of these cities is Porto, which boasts eclectic buildings, balconies, and streets all over the city. Best known for its waterfront views, Porto also specializes in Port wine, yet another claim to fame for this Portuguese town. Also, the city center is relatively small, so you can take in everything the city has to offer during your stay.

Make sure to prepare yourself for how hilly the city is, though—don’t be surprised if you end up needing to walk with a blackthorn cane! Luckily, all the major monuments are relatively close to one another, so you can grab a pastel de nata while you stroll through Porto.

Paris, France

Many people from all over the world travel to the City of Love each year, but traveling on foot is the only way to experience Paris as the locals do. Paris is known worldwide for its art and monuments, from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, from the Louvre to Notre-Dame. In addition, you can indulge in the local cuisine, which is internationally renowned, and talk a walk along the Seine to get a sense of the city on your own.

Dublin, Ireland

The closest destination to North America on this list is Dublin, Ireland. In addition to having a lot of English-speakers, this city also has monuments and offerings to compete with the rest. With its compact size, Ireland’s capital city is easily walkable, and the charming atmosphere will entertain you at every corner.

St. Stephen’s Green is a picturesque public park you must see during your time in Dublin. If you want food with a local flavor, you can try out Mulberry Garden, but make sure to leave room in your stomach to drink at the Jameson Distillery or the Guinness Storehouse.

Bruges, Belgium

This scenic Belgian city looks right out of a picture catalog, but the best part is that you don’t have to travel too far to enjoy its offerings. If you take a half-hour walk from the train station into town, the cobblestone streets, delightful cafés, and adorable canals will mesmerize you. If you want a fairytale experience, take in the architecture that makes Bruges one of Belgium’s finest cities.

Munich, Germany

All you need to know about Munich is this: Oktoberfest, river surfing, and German sausage. Of course, visiting this city during the fall months will give you the best experience, but taking a walking food tour in Munich is fun no matter which season you choose. The architecture is one of the highlights of Munich, with Wittelsbacherplatz, Altstadt, and Marienplatz being some of the most well-known areas.

Seville, Spain

Last, but not least, is Seville, Spain. With its ideal weather, appetizing tapas, and historic culture, Seville is a fantastic walkable city. This capital of the province of Andalusia retains many Moorish influences in its Islamic art and architecture. Combining the best of both worlds, Seville offers tourists a taste of the Middle East and North Africa without the need to leave Europe.

Overall, there’s no shortage of walkable cities in Europe. Now that you know 10 of the most walkable cities in Europe you need to visit, book your flight today!

10 of the Most Walkable Cities in Europe You Need To Visit