Nickel & Chrome-Plated Walking Canes

Nickel- & Chrome-Plated Walking Canes

Among the enormous selection of sleek walking canes manufactured for the purpose of ergonomic comfort and fashion, features our alluring collection of nickel- and chrome-plated walking canes. They come in a variety of styles, colors and designs, which can be seen at the handle, collar and shaft. You can easily find a sturdy formal cane that is suitable for your evening out. The outfit combinations with your attire and our canes will reflect on your natural intelligence and taste. Shop our selection of canes with nickel- and chrome-plated handles that are crafted with top-quality coating materials. These handles on these canes add a nice touch and make them look extra beautiful and charming. Most of these canes are designed for both men and women; therefore, you don't need to be too concerned in selecting a too girly or manly cane.

Most designs range from graceful animal canes to the more contemporary-look of derby and fritz handles. Every cane seems to have its own distinct personality while in or out of the hands of its owner. The chrome or nickel handle gives the owner a feeling of more control with the weight being a bit heavier than a wooden or faux material. The cane's handle seems to welcome one's hand on contact; it is slightly cool to the touch.

Understanding Nickel and How It Pertains to Your Cane

Nickel Chrome Canes

Nickel is a chemical element with symbol Ni and has atomic number of 28. While most cane users may not find this information interesting, we feel it is necessary to provide a little bit more education on what exactly you are buying verses other sites. The physical nature of nickel is silvery-white lustrous with a trivial golden hint. Nickel, falling among the transition metal in the periodic table, has the hard and ductility nature as one would expect. Due to the slow rate of oxidation of nickel under room temperature, it is known to form resistance to corrosion, which is great news for the lifespan your walking cane. For that reason it is used in plating other metals like iron and brass.

Thus, it can be used in combination with chrome to plate extremely durable and weather resilient walking sticks that are produced with state-of-the-art technology. The main reason nickel is used in plating walking sticks, like the handle, is to prevent corrosion. And yes, it does offer a very classy look at the same time. Before now, nickel was commonly used in production of coins, but due to its high value and cost, it was replaced with cheaper elements. We don't believe in comprising the quality of a cane, just to save a little bit of money in manufacturing cost. Next, you will learn about the next element and how it revolves around improved quality of a walking cane.

Another Little Lesson on Chrome and your Cane

Chrome Canes

Yes, here is a little bit more information from the land of chemistry. Chromium is the first element in group 6 of the periodic table. Its symbol is Cr and has an atomic number of 24. Physically, it is a steel-gray, lustrous, yet brittle, which requires high polishing maintenance. This chemical element is commonly used in many industries for coating other metals due to its resistance to tarnishing. Indeed, this is a primary purpose used in creating innovative walking canes, in combination with nickel to plate the handle. More so, due to the high melting point of this wonderful chemical element, any object plating with it will hardly show a sign of change in temperature, as regard to expansion or contraction which otherwise would result to cracking. So, in order to prevent any object from cracking, this combination of nickel and chrome are used to plate the object.

This shiny metal can easily bring out the elegance in any object it is used to plate, which will add to the value of that particular object. Of truth, due to the amazing features of chrome, it can be used to extend durability of any other metal or object just by plating such an object with it. The popularity of chrome can easily be linked to it use over 2000 years ago by the Chinese to plate their metal weapons. If you like the look of chrome, but want a similar and more precious material, we recommend browsing our selection of real silver canes. Otherwise, you can enjoy our selection of canes with nickel- and chrome-plated handles.

A Prestige Choice for Fashion and Comfort

Next, most of the chrome plated walking canes draws an amazing and exquisite look, which makes it suitable for an abundant amount of fashionable outfits. As example, you can find chrome plated walking cane knob with a beautiful classic inlay design on top of the handle, which is a perfect choice for any special event. Really, nickel and chrome plated walking canes are very unique with their brilliantly designed ornament on the top of their handle. Most of these walking canes come with a classic black Beechwood shaft, which harmonizes the stylish handle and chrome ring collar together. These high-valued and elegant canes will make you stand out at any formal event.

Obviously, most of the nickel and chrome plated walking cane handles are manufactured to be ergonomically correct with harmonization of the user's hand. More so, the shiny metals and typical black shaft is the perfect balance that conforms to many causal or business clothing. The derby and fritz handles are considered anatomically correct, offering a classical design that is familiar with many generations, while providing hand comfort. While thinking of the best gift you can ever offer to your loved one, you need to consider the value and comfort ahead of time.

Further, those suffering from arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome will need to support their weight with a well designed walking cane. For that reason, the best choice would include a fritz handle. A derby cane would be the next most likely choice for these specific conditions. Pain may be constant, your strut may be a little awkward, but that is no reason you can't look good with one of our chrome or nickel-plated canes.

Why You Should Use a Walking Cane

As we dived into this subject a little bit beforehand, there are even more reasons to use a cane. It's quite normal for a man, no matter his age, to have a certain type of stubbornness in using a walking aid. While most people do not want to be perceived as someone who needs assistance, the compromise comes from the enormous numbers of well-designed walking canes that can serve those with a medical ailment for support and complement their everyday attire.

Though, the concern of those people still want to enjoy life and are hesitant in using a cane, since they may not realize how many options are really available. As example, our collection of nickel and chrome-plated handled canes may not be the most extensive, but we offer over 1,000 stylish and presentable canes to counter. A cane does not have to have a specific handle type to aid you on your everyday walking. You can gain comfort and ergonomic ability from an assortment of canes that will have others around you staring with admiration. Just be sure when selecting your cane for yourself or another, you take comfort, design and weight and height restrictions in consideration. Let's take a look at some options of handles that can be found in this category. Being further educated on the handles present can assist you browsing other sections of the site, if these plated canes are not to your liking.

The Handle of your Cane Matters

Derby Handle Cane:

While the preference of certain individuals differs when it comes to the selection of their cane, it is important for you to consider the properties of the particular walking stick handle you want to select. The derby cane is made to provide additional support to the user due to the straight and easy to grip feature of the handle. It is a recommended choice for anyone that has some form of joint impediment like arthritis. Though, the shaft of a walking cane is responsible to carry the weight of the user yet, the comfortable grip of derby handle help to provide more support to the user.

Animal Handles:
Animal Handle Cnaes

In the case of animal walking stick handle, the main objective of the user is for leisure and attractively unique design. Most of the ornamental handles are plated with high quality Nickel & Chrome which truly brings out their uniqueness for casual and formal occasions. They are perfect, as part of your wardrobe and superb as gift to your love ones. Ornamental canes tend to lean more on the fashion side as compared to needing it specifically for a walking medical requirement.

The Ergonomic Handle:
Ergonomic Handle Canes

This walking cane handle is made for the purpose of comfort and are said to be anatomically correct due to the ability of the handle to reduce pain from wrist and hand with relation to the user's body size. In order to ensure proper style and comfort, a manufacturer will typically create multiple prototypes of a single cane until perfection is acquired.

Fritz Handle:
Fritz handle Canes

While fritz and derby handle closely resemble each other, they are two different types of walking cane handles. The fritz handle has an additional benefit compared to its predecessor. It provides extra comfort to the user and helps avoid pain when the user leans against a hard surface with the cane. Just don't lean too hard as a cane is intended to assist in balance and not so much in upholding your weight.

Crook Handle
Crook Tourist Handle

This walking cane handle is made for those that sustained a temporary injury and needs a rather inexpensive option to walk around. The crook or tourist cane is also one of the most traditional types of canes that are recognized throughout most of the world. If you are concerned in how you may appear to a people in different parts of the world, this is a pretty safe and acceptable choice.

As a Tip, Don't Forget about the Cane's Tip

There is another part of your cane you should not overlook to provide optimal satisfaction and comfort. This is the tip of the cane, also known as a ferrule. Wear and tear is unavoidable as time progresses with the use of your cane. Be sure to check the cane's tip every month to ensure the bottom is still flat and has no indentations that could offset your balance.

There are many types of walking cane tips, which one you choice will relate to your circumstances. The rubber tip is one of most commonly used walking cane tips, which are made for the purpose of stability and support to the user. The rubber tip is designed in a bell shape and inserted is inserted at the bottom of the cane shaft. 18mm and 22mm are the most common sizes of cane tips. If you know the shaft of the cane's diameter, you will know the size of your cane tip. During the winter, you can replace the tip with a cane ice tip, which is great for snow and icy conditions. More so, there is quad walking cane tip which is made with four ferrules instead of one to enable more support of the user's weight. You may even use a self-standing cane tip that provides extra support while providing you the convenience of easily letting your cane go when not in use.

How to Care For Your Nickel and Chrome Plated Walking Cane

Despite the fact that nickel and chrome are known as lustrous elements with alluring features and resistant to corrosion and rust, they need to be cared for in order for you to enjoy your walking cane for longer period of time. For that reason, you need to ensure that you clean your walking cane handle each time you use it. You will also need to spray it with some inorganic oil and polish with a nice soft brush. This aids in retaining lustrous feature of nickel and chrome. Finally, don't forget your cane if you set it down!