Weight Restrictions

Not all canes and walking sticks are made to support weight. Use discretion and common sense in the use of canes which are very thin, or have a dual use or feature. For example, for a sore ankle, use a support cane, not a sword cane.

Matching Cane Size to Users Body Size

Canes are not intended to be used like a crutch for full weight bearing.

An important consideration in choosing a cane is to match the cane with the user's body size, so that the cane becomes the key to better mobility and safety for the user. Canes are not designed to substitute for bearing all the weight you normally would on your legs, such as crutches but to provide you with an extra foot on the ground for balance. The cane adds a third point of ground contact that alters the bio mechanics of walking to affect balance, relieve painful joints and provide stability to the user.

Canes are intended to help with a users balance. A cane size is designed to be proportionate to a cane users body size. The cane's shaft size, handle size and constuction are factors in determining a cane users size.

You can rest assured that all of our canes are durable and of high quality. All of the canes that we sell pass our high quality standards. In fact many canes out there do not meet our standards and we do not sell them.

*** Canes are only used for casual or novelty use and are not promoted or used for medical use. ***